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Underground Golf

Underground Golf is one of the adventures at Zip World, in Blaenau Ffestiniog. They have zip line and karts and a tour in an ex-army truck. Zip line is a big NO from me, but I might be inclined to do the tour in the army truck and the karts. It was raining, so we needed an alternative for our plans, so instead we decided to try the crazy golf in a mine! I enjoyed it despite not being too keen on heights. Check their website for more details.

Train to take us in the mine

To get into the mine we took the Europe’s steepest cable railway. It sounds more scary than it is, the ride is not fast and feels nice.


Next we went through the mine towards the underground golf.

Underground Golf

It is an 18-hole course, 500ft below the ground in a disused cavern, over 4 floors. There are an array of lights and there is music, so it is a really interesting atmosphere. The decor is lovely, well thought of and nicely constructed. It is well worth the money.

Underground Golf

Underground Golf course

With crazy golf, some decor might be a bit hit and miss, but this one was very nicely done. I liked how the holes were arranged as well. Despite being quite a few people, only at the last hole we had to wait our turn, but it was fun watching strangers doing their best.


The walls still bare the scars of being mined. I mentioned in another post that those drilled vertical holes were used to insert explosive. It makes the place look old and with the lights and the music and the fun it looks new as well.

golf course

Underground Golf course

There were plenty of nets all around the course. I don’t think anyone can loose their ball, despite it being on 4 levels. I liked that a lot.


After hole 16 visitors have 2 options: use the slide, as my husband did, or take the stairs, as I did. The ball goes directly into a bucket after hole 16 and for the ones using the slide there is another small slide for the golf club.

slide and stairs

The stairs are on the right in this picture. I don’t think visitors actually need their helmets, as in the golf course there is a lot of space and there isn’t a possibility to hit your head. After hole 16, the next hole was put there to manage the flow of visitors for the last one, which is complicated.
When you hit the ball in the last hole, celebratory lights go up, so it’s lovely.

Have you tried something similar or is it something you might want to try?

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  1. I’m a bit torn by this post, as we both love crazy golf and the idea of a course inside a mine is so unique. The downside is not only the cable car ride, but the claustrophobia of being trapped underground.
    I shall definitely check out their website, but your pictures give a much more ‘hands on’ feel for the place, so thanks for that. PS the zip wire is a definite no-no for either of us, although our friend from North Wales did it as part of a 60th birthday present and he loved it 🙂

    1. The cable car is gentle, nothing to be scared about. I had the same reticence about it initially. I think the ride is exaggerated to make it appear more exciting.
      The idea of being trapped underground can be an issue. The space is large and it doesn’t feel constricted at all, but it’s underground. Thank you for saying that the pictures give a feel of the place, I wanted to do that.
      I have a friend who loves the zip wire, but that’s not something I would ever think of trying. 😀

    1. I think it’s more fun if you are not good at it. Watching the ball sliding across the edge of the hole is priceless. 😀
      It was a very interesting and unique experience, well worth travelling to it.

    1. The cable railway is not bad at all. The only thing is that is rather small, so if it’s not busy is better as there is a bit more room in it. 🙂 I think I would try the slide if I’m ever going there again.

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