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Update on my 2019 Goals

I like to go through the goals I’ve made once a month, so I don’t forget them. This update made me realize how many things I’ve done from the list I made back in January.

2019 Goals: Blogs

1. Pub & Tea room reviews, every other month. I did three, so I’m on track.
1. Scawsby Mill, Doncaster
2. Bag of Nails, London
3. Beefeater

Style. Collage with reviews I made

2. Style. I planned 12 and I did 5, so that’s good, but I’m one behind.
1. Almond Hand And Nail Butter from the Body Shop
2. ASOS Boots
3. Ted Baker handbag
4. No7 Airbrush Away Foundation
5. Hand creams from The Body Shop

Taste the World. Collage of recipes

3. Taste the World and Royal Recipes. 15 new countries and 6 Royal recipes. I’m a bit behind with the new countries as I’ve made new recipes, but from some of the countries I’ve already checked of my list. No worries thought, there is still plenty of time to cook. All recipes are on CookStyle.
Taste the World
1. Ethiopia – Savoury Teff Porridge
2. Turkey – Tahin Pekmez
3. Palestinian Territories – Mutabbal
4. China – Chinese Dragons
5. Quatar – Karak Chai
6. Australia – Anzac biscuits
7. Philippines – Breadfruit Chips
8. Italy – Polenta

Royal Recipes. Collage with recipes I made

Royal recipes
1. Macarons
2. Napoleon’s Hat biscuits
3. Individual Dundee cakes

Caravan Cooking. Collage of imagines with recipes I made

Caravan Cooking
1. Lentil Pasta
2. Coffee and Walnut Cake
3. Asparagus risotto
4. Purple Sprout Broccoli Side Dish

Reviews. Collage of imagines with reviews I made

4. Reviews. The plan was that I will continue with at least a monthly review this year too. With 9 out of 12 done, I’m ahead with this one.
1. ABQ London
2. Axe Throwing
3. No Bull Burgers
4. Vegan Fair – Live A Better Life Vegan Fair Liverpool
5. Cafe de Pierre
6. Kazimier Garden
7. International Jousting Tournament at Royal Armouries, Leeds
8. Cat Café Liverpool
9. Weird Things Humans Search For

5. Post regularly. I did.

2019 Goals: Personal

1. Go to the gym regularly. I joined the gym in February and I went 20 times so far. I’m a bit behind, but not too far from my goal.

2. Sew more or do more crafty stuff. None so far.

3. Make 5 from 40 before 40 list. In 2018 I managed to do only 2, but this year I did 5, as many as I’ve added on my list.
Visit Buckingham and Kensington. I went to the Queen’s Gallery this year and I visited Kensington Palace previously. – No.18
Axe throwing is a sport, so I checked another thing on my list: Try a new sport – No.7
Ping Pong – trying a new sport instead of kayaking on the rivers. No.38
Go on a road trip of at least a thousand miles. – Holiday in Scotland (~1,300) – No.36
Go to Northern Ireland for a Game of Thrones trail. – went to Doune Castle in Scotland – Winterfell. No.32

4. Read 75 Books. So far I read 43 books. Number of books, by month:
January – 10 books
February – 6 books
March – 7 books
April – 7 books
May – 7 books
June – 6 books

2019 Goals: Travel

1. London. I visited in London: St. Paul’s Cathedral, ABQ London (a Breaking Bad themed cocktail bar), Brunel Museum, Queen’s House, Spencer House, Queen’s Gallery, Cutty Sark, Madame Tussauds, The Royal Observatory.

2. Wales. Not yet.

3. Scotland. Done. We went on a holiday in Scotland, having a tour from Edinburgh to Inverness to Fort William, and back to Stirling towards home. We visited so many amazing places. It was great.

Did you set up goals for this year? Are you on track with them?

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  1. You’re flying through those goals! If you’re visiting North Wales please let me know and we can meet for a catch-up!

    Goals wise – I made some but the main one was to go rollerblading once a month which I’ve more or less managed.

  2. You are super organised and excellent at working on goals! I think you have done amazingly so far! You are well on track with the books, reviews and recipes (which all look beautiful!). Well done!

  3. Sounds like you’re smashing this years goals! Especially the cooking and travel ones 😀

  4. You are doing a great job with your goals! Blogging about it will really keep you on track. I just set little goals throughout the year to accomplish. That way I don’t let myself down.

  5. You’re doing well. I’m impressed with your productivity and your organizational skills.

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