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Vegan in Aberystwyth

Vegan in Aberystwyth is a round-up of the places we’ve had our meals while on a trip to Aberystwyth. There aren’t any fully vegan places, so no individual posts. That being said, there are many vegan options and we both enjoyed the food a lot. Aberystwyth is a wonderful place for a holiday and we will go back when possible to see the attractions, as they were almost all closed for the winter. I did research at the National Library of Wales, this is why we went there in winter and not in spring or summer. All the places we’ve been to are in the city centre, which is to be expected, as this is a rather small city anyway.


First of all, I will start with our breakfast at the hotel. I was impressed by how lovely it was. They had vegan sausages, vegan milk, three types of juice, fruits. I was very pleased.


Bulgarian Kitchen was one of the restaurants we’ve been to. I enjoyed the food a lot. They had vegan mousaka and it was very good. They also have Bulgarian beer which is very similar to Romanian one in taste.

This is a small, family-owned restaurant. They had Bulgarian music and I think that was a lovely touch. The decor is beautiful as well.


Another family-owned restaurant we had a lovely dinner at is Paprika. They also do chimney cake, including vegan ones, but those need to be ordered in advance, which we did. We also had to buy 4, because that is the minimum, but if anyone has had chimney cake knows that 4 for 2 people is not a lot at all. There are photos from Hungary on the displays in the restaurant and that is so nice.

I had the Mushroom paprikash and it was delicious. My husband went for the vegan stuffed cabbage. Both dishes were great. Those gorgeous glasses on the left are filled with juice, not cocktails. I loved the attention to details. The staff is so friendly. We had an amazing time. I would gladly visit them again, that’s for sure.


Third place we went to was Medina. My husband ordered courgette fries with sumac salt, I picked falafel with sweet chilli sauce. The dishes come with two sides, which were identical for us: Mixed beans, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, pickled chilli&basil, and cumin potatoes. Both were really good. It was a lunch offer and it was perfect. I had wine too, on offer for the lunch deal.

art centre

Aberystwyth Arts Centre is where the university is. We had a light lunch when we visited. It was a mint potato salad, really nice, and we also had waffles. It was great to have these vegan options, didn’t expect the waffles.


Finally, the lunch at the National Library of Wales. There is cafe/restaurant and it is worth visiting. The food is delicious and very cheap. I mean, a juice was £1.50 and the soup was under £5. The soups were different. On the left is a butternut squash soup. On the right is a tomato and pepper soup (if I remember correctly), with jacket potato. It was a filling and delicious meal.

Overall I was very happy with all the options. We had bubble tea from another place, there were the restaurant chains that offer vegan options too, but we decided to go to local businesses.

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  1. Oooh, I am very excited by these options! Haven’t been to Aberystwyth as an adult (and not 100% I did as a child…) but I read some alternative reality books set in Aber last year and was intrigued to visit!x

    1. The food was great in all these restaurants. I like falafel, but I liked the Hungarian and Bulgarian ones more, just because it was unusual to find this kind of restaurants.
      In our next trip to Aberystwyth I will surely go back to all three. 😀

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