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I’ve been to V&A a few times, but this was the first time I was able to see all the exhibits. I made a small selection of my favourite exhibits in the museum. Photographing wasn’t allowed in the jewellery section and that is a shame, as I would have posted a lot of pictures from that section.

01 Victoria and Albert Museum

02 Victoria and Albert Museum
One of the things I like at V&A is that so many people are drawing and sketching. I feel it adds to the atmosphere in the museum.

03 Victoria and Albert Museum
It was amazing to see the cast of Trajan’s column. The cast had to be split in half to fit the height of the room. I learned about the column in school, as a young Romanian trying to get good grades. The column was built in Rome in 113 after Trajan defeated the Dacians in two wars 101-102 and 105-106. This is how the Romanian population had developed, from Dacians and Romans.

04 Victoria and Albert Museum
David by Michelangelo, cast (full size).

05 Victoria and Albert Museum
These intricate designs are made in red sandstone. I think is stunning they were able to carve many details in a weak stone.

06 Victoria and Albert Museum
The tiled chimney is Turkish and it dates back to 1730s.

07 Victoria and Albert Museum

08 Victoria and Albert Museum

09 Victoria and Albert Museum

10 Victoria and Albert Museum
The poppies are from Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red . The whipping willow will be displayed in front of St. George’s Hall in early November, a day or two before Remembrance Day. Hubby and I will go to have a look as he missed the display in London.

12 Victoria and Albert Museum
The star trap is from the 19th century. They were used in shows as the performers were appearing on stage as if they were bursting out solid floors. The performer was standing on a small door under the trapdoor, then weights were released and he was propelled on the stage. The trapdoors were very dangerous and they were banned in the 20th century.

13 Victoria and Albert Museum
Stage costume worn by Mick Jagger in 1972.

14 Victoria and Albert Museum
I saw a Punch and Judy show at the
Victorian May Day . The first shows in England were held in Covent Garden in the 1660s. It’s surprising that there are similar shows after 400+ years, with the same concept and the same characters.

15 Victoria and Albert Museum
Costumes worn by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

16 Victoria and Albert Museum
I’m found of tapestry as I used to make it with my mother when I was small. We were watching TV and doing needle work in winter. I was very good at it, surprisingly, as I’m terrible with a sewing machine or at embroidery. I can appreciate the amount of work that gets into a tapestry.

17 Victoria and Albert Museum
I can’t say I’m particularly found of the themes they used, like hunting. But the details are stunning, all the animals and people look realistic.

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  1. I’m in London next week and will be heading to the V&A, too much beauty in one place, even the building is divine.

    1. The cast section in V&A is breathtaking, two rooms filled with amazing casts. It was lovely to see them, especially Trajan’s column 🙂

  2. It looks SUCH a great place to visit, I’ve not been to the V&A but I’d really like to- esp as they have ‘The Alice Look’ exhibition at the moment there!x

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