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Wake-up Light Philips

I respond to seasonal changes very quickly. In the Summer I’m up even before 6.30, without the need for an alarm clock, and I still have plenty of energy at 9 in the evenings. But in the Autumn and Winter, my mood changes. I don’t get up as quickly and I really need an alarm clock. Last year I even “snooze” the alarm. I didn’t like that, because waking up without an alarm means I’m not energetic. So, my husband said we should buy a wake-up light. He did some research online and decided to buy one from Philips. Thus, me talking today about our Wake-up Light Philips.

Wake-up Light Philips. Profile

The design was very important, as it needed to look nice and not stand out too much. With white walls and white furniture in the bedroom, a simple white option was the best. The one my husband purchased was on offer and I see that it still is on their website. I have to say that the whole buying process could have been a bit better, including customer service. Also, the light wasn’t dispatched from the UK as we both assumed it will be. Even so, it took around one week to receive it, so it was not too bad. It is available on amazon too.

Wake-up Light Philips

The wake-up light we got has two natural wake-up sounds. We picked the birds and we both like it. Although, we don’t get to hear the sound, as we usually get up a few minutes before the light starts “ringing”. The sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually, in a 30 minutes period. I’ve noticed that my light intensity is higher than my husband’s, and so I wake up before he does. It has a snooze option, but not sure how it works and neither of us used it. That only attests to how good the principle of the wake up light is.

The light we have also has FM, but I don’t like the idea of people talking to me in the morning to wake me up. I do sometimes listen to music in the evenings though, while I play some sudoku before reading. The Philips Wake-up Light we bought has 4 display brightness levels.

We both feel better now, as we wake up faster, naturally, and we have more energy. I’m glad we did buy it because it is amazing.

Do you have an wake-up light? Is it something you might consider buying?

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  1. This is an interesting item. I’ve found the older I get, the more I struggle with the time change and darker days of winter. I rarely need an alarm and like to wake naturally with the daylight (a plus of being older with an empty nest and simpler schedule), so the only time I set one (using my phone) is on Sunday when I go to an early morning Eucharist…. but I almost always wake before it goes off.

    I need a very dark room to sleep (another advantage of rural life) so I bet this would do a good job of waking me. I like the way it looks.

  2. Oooh, I’ve looked at this type of light before. I don’t know if it would wake me up though.. I slept through a fire alarm once.. so when I’m asleep, I’m out for the count. I am on medication though, so that’s probably why. I don’t think light or birds would wake me up. I do like the sound of it though, so maybe for a lighter sleeper this would be fab. Thanks for sharing ♥

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