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UPDATE: Nikki told me about the controversy regarding the brand. I did a bit of research, as I was completely unaware of this, maybe because I’m not using FB. So, in 2021 the owner went to Moscow in holiday, shared a picture with her husband, and made a joke. Details here and here. From my point of view, going on a holiday in a country that is at war with yours is a pretty stupid mistake, but I didn’t see, from the limited research I’ve made that she is supporting the war. She apologized on social media, if that makes any difference. I used a translator for the article in Ukrainian and I can’t say I understood the joke she made, something was surely lost in translation.
Nevertheless, I decided to write this update because it might influence if someone wants to buy or not from them.

Yaro is an Ukrainian brand that sells healthy vegan sweets and biscuits. I followed them on Instagram and loved the look of their sweets, so I placed an order with them and it arrived fast. Also, the sweets are incredible. Because it was the first order, I got two packs of mix biscuits and sweets to get to try different flavours. On top of that I ordered some Amaranth, oat cookies, and hazelnuts in caramel and coffee. If you want to get some, check their website.


Amaranth candies are my favourite. I loved all, but the texture and taste of these was so good. These are made with hazelnuts, coconut sugar, cacao butter, carob, and Amaranth grain. Amaranth is an ancient grain, cultivated for over 8000 years and it has more nutrients than regular grains, which were selected for size and not nutrition.

The “Sweet Box” set contains one of each: Salted Caramel Candy, Salted Caramel Almond Candy, Old School Peanut Candy, Coco Bar Candy, Coco & Caramel Candy, Coco & Caramel Cookie, Oat Cookie Almond, Choco Drop Cookie, Choco Cookie, and Oat Cookie Classic. The candies are really good, all of them. The biscuits are 2 in a bag and they are a bit too hard for my taste, but my husband enjoyed these. When it comes to biscuits I liked the Choco Cookie which are a bit bitter and that works amazingly with the dark coffee I like.

At random, I picked the “Old School Peanut” candy, which is made with dates, cashews, cocoa butter, carob powder, peanuts, concentrated apple juice, coconut extract, coconut sugar, coconut oil. With all these high quality ingredients you can imagine how amazing the taste is. “Salted Caramel Peanut” is made with dates, peanuts, cocoa butter, carob, pink Himalayan salt, and sunflower lecithin.

Delivery from Yaro

All these items are made in Ukraine, in the Kyiv region. Born in 2016, this is a family-owned business. There is an UK based company that handles distribution, while manufacturing is in Ukraine. So, as long as the item appears on stock on the website, they dispatch really fast and you get your order within a few days. I placed my order at almost 5pm and received it in 2 days, I might have received it sooner if my order was placed before 3pm.

I think it’s fantastic that during the war the company is still producing and shipping these incredibly delicious sweets. So, if you want to help Ukraine while enjoying some yummy treats, place an order with them. There isn’t a minimum order and shipping is £3 for orders under £30 and free afterwards.

The price for a pack of 4 candies is on average ~£3, which for me is value for money. They do not contain any refined sugar and only highly quality expensive ingredients.

What I bought from Yaro

I loved these and I will buy loads for next academic year, starting in September, when I can get a couple with me while I’m going to university, as they are individually packed and so handy to take in the handbag. Slava Ukraini!

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    1. I wasn’t aware of these reviews and the controversy, thank you for pointing it out. I will update the post now with my views on the matter.

    1. I loved these so much. Next week I will order more, as I want to give some to friends too. It might worth contacting them to ask about shipping to US, maybe they can do that, if you fancy getting some treats. xx

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