Jousting 2024

As usual at Easter, we went to see the Jousting Tournament in Leeds. This time though we spent the night in Leeds and saw two events, one on Sunday and the one Monday morning. There are 2 events each day.

Jousting 2024

It was lovely, even on the second day, when it rained. Just have a look at the last two pictures. It was packed with people and nobody cared that they spent about 1 hour in the rain watching the joust.

This is a slow motion movie. Do enjoy it and all the pictures. Let me know if you have any questions.


At the end of the joust, the knights are coming to the fence with the horses and people can interact with them.








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    1. It’s a treat each time. The fools are so funny, with some bawdy jokes and some for kids, the knights are really great with the horses and it’s exciting. This year France won the competition.

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