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My garden in September

Still lots of flowers in bloom, still a lot of bees going around, and a few fruits to harvest as well. Enjoy the pictures.

my garden

my garden

my garden


I got this Dahlia recently and has lots and lots of flowers. I hope it will survive the winter because it’s beautiful.


The figs are looking great. I will harvest a few to ripe in a brown bag.



flowers in bloom

flowers in bloom


Lupin is in bloom again. It was a surprise to see new flowers after all the old ones died.

flowers in bloom




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  1. Wow, your dahlias are absolutely gorgeous, Anca, I’m so envious. Most of mine have died off over the years, I have neglected them shamefully! On the up side, I can grow some more from tubers next Spring, so that’s something to look forward to. Yours should all be fine as long as you mulch them heavily over winter – at least 4″ thick, for a good insulation. Hope your figs ripen too, lucky you 🙂

    1. I cover them with compost during winter and some of them survived, but not all. I can always get more to replace the ones that don’t make it, which means that I get new flowers, so it’s not that bad. 🙂

      I just realised I didn’t harvest the figs, I will do that in the weekend when I’m back home.

  2. I think your garden looks glorious. You maintain and plan it beautifully and it has really nice variety. I am envious of the figs. My fig tree (in a pot) didn’t manage any figs this year which I am quite sad about as whn I lived in my childhood home, our fig tree was hugely prolific! I am SOO tempted to plant one at school in replacement of the 100 year old mulberry tree that was recently taken down (grr)
    Your lupins are lovely as are the dahlias.
    I am glad the garden is such a place of joy for you, hubby and Festus, particularly in his dotage. It’s SUCH a privilege having an outdoor space, isn’t it!

  3. Excellent photos, Anca! You’ve turned your back garden into a real showplace. The lawn is really doing well. I’m a little jealous of your figs. We’ve never had much luck trying to grow them.
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    1. For me the best thing about the garden is how often we use it. I spent time on the grass reading only a few days ago. From the pictures is not obvious, but we’ve used it almost daily throughout the summer and even now, with a hoodie on, I spend an hour or two. Festus gets to relax in the garden too and that is important for him, as he is not playing any more and the garden offers him entertainment. A couple of days ago a magpie was crowing at him to move so he could check Festus’ bowl. Festus was looking at the magpie curious, without realizing the bird’s intentions. It was hilarious to watch. :))

      I am impressed with the lawn too, as I had some doubts about the grass rolls as a concept, but now I am a convert. The fig is doing great. I saw some small fig trees, but I think having an already established plant is better. I like figs a lot.

  4. Your garden looks lovely! Beautiful dahlias and lupins. And you’ve got figs too, that’s great. I don’t have many flowers now, apart from wild cyclamens and some phloxes. Will your husband be looking after your garden when you go to London?

    1. Thank you. I like cyclamens a lot, maybe I will buy some next year. I am not sure how tall they grow and how much they spread.
      We both look after the garden, he is cutting the grass and does other things too. I will come home each week, with few exceptions, so I will do “my tasks” although he can do them as well. 🙂

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