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The Vegan Kind. August Boxes

The Vegan Kind has two boxes in August, both lifestyle and beauty. This month they arrived in time and I am pleased with what they had inside too. I’m very happy with both.

The vegan kind boxes

I got the subscription almost an year ago and, overall, I am happy with them. Some months are better than others, I loved and purchased some of the items, while other items I didn’t for a reason or another. Considering that the point is to get to try new things, I can’t recommend these boxes enough. The price for shipping will increase slightly, under £1, so these will still be great value for money.

Lifestyle box

The Vegan Kind. August lifestyle box:

Pea Pops Smoky Barbeque 23g RRP £0.99 – These chickpea crisps sound really good and I can’t wait to try them. As these are popped, not fried, they have 60% less fat than regular crisps.

Love Raw Cre&m Wafer Bar – Salted Caramel 45g RRP £1.69 – I didn’t expect to find this in the box, but I was very eager to try these new wafer bars. I love their other 2 flavours and bought loads of them. Now, after having this one too, I know it will be even harder to decide how many to buy from Love Raw.

Peakz Cookies & Cream Crunchy Chocolate Squares 32g RRP £1.19 – really delicious. I like these a lot. Made using Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa and no palm oil, Peakz are sustainable and ethical too.

MiiRO Dessert Chocolate Bar, rich in coconut 80g RRP £2.50 – I haven’t tried this yet, but I am looking forward to.

The Cheeky Panda Wipes RRP £1.49 – biodegradable bamboo handy wipes. I am yet to try them.

Real Handful Sea Salt Caramellow Planty Protein Bar 40g RRP £1.20 – This was good, as all the Real Handful products I’ve had before.

TRIBE Active Oats+ Raspberry Nut Crunch 60g RRP £1.50 – This is perfect for a quick breakfast. I usually have a consistent breakfast, so, for me, this is more suitable as a snack before lunchtime.

Rubio Extraordinas Roast Chicken and Lemon Flavour Crisps 125g RRP £2.75 – These taste like chicken. It’s incredible how realistic the taste is. I shared them with Festus as my husband is not keen on this particular flavour. Festus loved them though.

Beauty box

The Vegan Kind. August beauty box:

MUA Makeup Academy Pro Base Primer Spray 70ml RRP £4.00 – it is used for locking in moisture and aiding makeup application. I am not using a primer at the moment, at least not regularly, but this will change soon so I will use this primer starting from next month.

Dr Botanicals Strawberry Superfood Vitamin C Day Moisturiser RRP £14.90 – This is a light cream that gets absorbed quickly. I’ve been using it for a few days and I am very happy. I can’t say that I noticed any difference, but I am using good quality moisturisers for years, so I am not expecting to see differences anyway.

FOAMIE Rose Oil Face Bar with Niacinamide RRP £5.99 – I am looking forward to using this too, after I will finish the cleanser I am using right now.

Q+A Seaweed Peptide Eye Gel 15ml RRP £6.50 – I will start using this in the next few days, as the eye gel I’m using now is almost finished.

Be3 Evolution Absolute Look Mascara RRP £14.99 – One can never have too many mascaras, isn’t it?

Lifestyle boxes are between £8 and £10, depending on the subscription, and £3.95 for P&P. Every month they give a donation to a charity and in August they picked Villa Kitty Foundation. It is a rescue and adoption centre for cats and dogs in Bali.

Beauty boxes are between £12.75 and £15, depending on the subscription, and £3.95 for P&P. The beauty boxes are every other month. They give a donation to a charity and in August they picked Animal Free Research UK, again, just as in June.

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  1. So great you enjoyed your August vegan boxes….and how cute is that illustration with the chicken driving the monocycle. The cheeky panda bio-gradable bamboo wipes seem great. Let us know what they are like once you try them.
    Great that Festus liked the chicken flavoured crisps. It’s amazing how sometimes something can taste like something when it’s not. I once make a soup with some vegetables (I wish I had written it down) and it tasted just like fish soup. I’ve been trying to recreate it but with no luck. Supposedly there is some chef that knows this secret to a fish soup without soup but I got it right accidentally and never managed to repeat it.

  2. I’m going to take a look at this idea, as it would be a great way to test out some Vegan options!

    With the high cost and poor quality of meat products, even I’m coming round to “thinking outside the box” of eating meat, although a special occasion fillet steak at our favourite restaurant, who sources from the farm next door, is staying as an option I’m afraid! 🙂

    1. Reducing meat is healthy for us and the planet, so well done for cutting some of it out. These boxes are nice because I never know what I get in them and it’s exciting to open it and see the goodies. The lifestyle box has some snacks like crisps, a chocolate or something similar, and all sort of treats, + 1 non-food item. You can get a box only once (prices are better for longer subscriptions) just to try it. I got my subscription for a month, then I got the beauty one, and now I have a 6 months subscription that I renewed recently. 🙂

  3. Once again, I’d like to try most everything in your Lifestyle box. I’m not a fan of raspberry, so I’d probably pass on that. I think the chicken and lemon flavored crisps sound the best. I have a weakness for most any kind of chip/crisp. Lucky for Festus that your husband didn’t want any.
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