Dyson Hair Dryer

I wanted a Dyson Hair Dryer for a long time. Two months ago I decided to buy one, even if my hair dryer was still working good. I can’t emphasize enough how much I like it. Knowing what I know now, I would have bought it earlier. Dyson is not exactly cheap, none of their products are, but I have had two vacuum cleaners from them and I know it was amazing. At just shy of £300, the Dyson Hair Dryer is the most expensive mass produced hair dryer.

Dyson Hair Dryer

I picked the Iron and Fuchsia colour combination because I like how it looks. Before using the Dyson I would use, constantly, hair protector when I was using a hair dryer. It made a difference. But, because how Dyson markets itself, I wanted to see if I still need hair protector or not. I don’t! My hair looks amazing without, and that’s great.

Furthermore, Dyson is very silent. I can use it even if my husband has a meeting in the other room, which would have been impossible with my last dryer. It might sound like an unlikely scenario to happen, but, with us working from home, it did happen.

my hair

If you need remembering… this is how long my hair is. It is an old photo, but, besides a slight change to the colour, the length is just the same.

As you can imagine, I need a bit of time to dry my hair. With Dyson I don’t need as much. I finished my shower and washing my hair in one morning, knowing that in 15 minutes I had to be in front of my laptop for a video call. Well, it took only 5 minutes to dry my hair and I had time to apply make-up (foundation, lipstick, brow cream) and put on jewellery too. The hair was still a bit damp, but it was not noticeable in the video call and, as I said, I only allowed 5 minutes for this. This is why I love this hair dryer.

Dyson Hair Dryer. How it works

Dyson has 3 speeds and 4 heat settings. I usually switch between the low and medium speed and low (60°C) and medium heat (80°C). There is a cold button underneath the power switch. The air flow is so fast for the top speed that, with my length, it’s just not suitable.

Dyson Hair Dryer – settings, according to their instructions:

4 heat settings
100°C – fast drying and styling
80°C – regular drying
60°C – cooler drying and diffusing
28°C – constant cold
3 precise speed settings
High – for fast drying and styling
Medium – for regular drying
Low – for diffusing

Dyson Hair Dryer. Accessories

I tried all the accessories the Dyson Hair Dryer comes with, but I prefer using it on its own. For me the diffuser would be the next best choice. I imagine that for someone with a shorter hair, the styling tools would be very helpful.

Dyson Hair Dryer. What's in the package

The accessories are, from left to right, top to bottom: non-slip heat mat; Styling Concentrator; Diffuser; Gentle air attachment; Smoothing Nozzle.
All of these are magnetic and they can be attached to the dryer easily.

You can buy it directly from their website, if you fancy. As I mentioned in the beginning, I bought the hair dryer myself, this is not a sponsored product review.

Have you ever tried the Dyson Hair Dryer? Are you thinking of buying one?

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  1. I’ve been considering for a while now about buying one. I rarely, if ever dry my hair as it’s so fine that it just looks like I stuck my fingers in a plug socket! I often wonder if this would be better for my hair. Might ask Santa for one!

  2. Your hair is really long and beautiful. It is good you invested into a dyson hair dryer, a good hair tool is always helpful, especially when it comes to long hair. I haven’t heard of this hair dryer before so I’m grateful for the introduction.

  3. I have a GHD hairdryer which I love, but these use these Dyson ones at the hairdressers and I have been impressed with them. Your hair is lovely!

    Corinne x

  4. Wow your hair is beautiful. I really want a Dyson hairdryer but haven’t got the cash at the moment. I like the fact that it is silent. Thee smoothing nozzle would be useful for me

  5. You certainly make a good case for this brand. It really is expensive, though! Since I’m in the process of going back to much shorter hair, I don’t see that it would be a practical investment for me. What really impresses me is the quietness factor.

    1. For short hair I’m not sure if it is worth the price, but, of course, it depends on ones budget. It is very silent, the difference between the Dyson and my old Philips is huge. My consolation is that I’m not going to spend money on the heat protector. :))

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