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Down at the Hatch

My husband and I went to Down at the Hatch twice last week. First time we wanted to have a chat without any distractions. We both loved it so much that we went again, for a date night. Down at the Hatch is a vegetarian junk food bar&restaurant. All of their food can be made vegan and we only had vegan food. Everything is deep fried and delicious. Check on their website for more details if you want to. I didn’t take pictures inside, as there were people at the other tables. The decor has an industrial vibe, as you can expect from a restaurant in the basement and with its name too.

Down at the Hatch - mushrooms

We’ve tried a few of their dishes, like these delicious panko coated mixed mushrooms served with garlic aioli. We had these both times and they were great.

We also had fries which were a bit salty for us on first time, so we’ve ordered them without salt on the second time.

Down at the Hatch - seitan

These are crispy seitan wings with buffalo sauce. Gorgeous! A bit spicy, but not too much, I loved these.

We also had, but we didn’t take pictures, as we’ve started eating without realizing my mistake, Panko Frickles; deep fried pickles in a crispy Japanese breadcrumb. It sounds a bit strange, but they were delicious. I would have those again. They come with a sauce which is yummy as well.

Down at the Hatch - cocktails

Last, but not least… the cocktails. I had three cocktails between those two visits. I liked all of them, as they are not too sweet and have just the right amount of alcohol to make them really good. I am eager to try more of their cocktails and next time we are going there I will order something else.

All the cocktails have funny names and the menu is like a colour swatch for wall paint. I had CERULEAN BLUE (the blue one, top left) with Blue Curacao and ginger, I think that one was my favourite; PARCHMENT (on the right), with cardamom; HARVEST GOLD (bottom left) which also had a beer reduction.

Down at the Hatch’s address is Basement, 62 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5AA. At the moment they are open until 9pm.

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  1. Oooooooh!!!!! The Seitan wings look amazing! I had amazing vegan wings at a place called The Oak Tree near us and they were superb! Can’t remember if they were seitan or something else but they were fab!

  2. I really am jealous of all the wonderful vegan good you share here. Fried pickles are popular here and I would love to be able to enjoy a vegan version (the dipping sauce for them is usually a “ranch” dressing” here).

    The cocktails are beautiful and I’d be willing to try any of them. What’s the liquor in the one with cardamom?

    1. It had cardamom in it. I think the fried pickles had a ranch dressing. I thought it was something they came up with, unaware that is a common dish in US. That’s hilarious.

  3. The food in Down at the Hatch sounds wonderful. I’m sure these vegan dry fried dishes are yummy. I don’t eat fried food because of health issues, I can only eat cooked food but if I could, I’d love to try those. The cocktails look great. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!!!

  4. I’ve never heard of a vegetarian junk food restaurant but what a fabulous idea! Those cocktails look delicious too, you can’t beat a good cocktail and it’s really not something you can easily replicate at home. This reminds me of a tapas bar – lovely! 🙂

    1. You are right about cocktails. A good one needs a lot of ingredients and I rarely have everything I need at home. 🙂

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