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9 Good things

I had a very busy period, lots of things to blog about and I kept postponing the good things post. I wanted to mention F1 in the list, but the sad news about Jules Bianchi made it impossible to count it as a good thing.



1. Fresh fruits from the garden. These delicious summer fruits are from my garden. I bought a small raspberry bush last year and this year I picked a few raspberries. It was a great surprise as I thought I have to wait a few years for fruits. The strawberry is new, bought this year.

2. New trip to London coming soon. At the beginning of August I want to attend a fair and if we have the time, we might stay for the night and visit something the next day. I just came back from London this month, but it’s work and, if I can mix it with a little spare time, why not.

3. Trying new recipes. I love trying new things and these days I made a lot of new recipes. I don’t have pictures for all of them, so I can’t share them on my cooking blog, but I will make them again. I shared the individual upside down cakes, a dessert my mother used to make, with my own twist.

4. Pigeons. A family of pigeons is making their nest in our neighbor’s tree and they eat from our bird feeder. I hope I’ll see baby pigeons pretty soon. I have to add a new feeder with water for the mother, so she will not have to travel far if she is thirsty.
They found a great location, we feed them and the neighbor with the tree has a dog too and he will keep the cats away. Seeing them with little bits of branches, making their nest is so relaxing and cute.

5. Bagels. I love a warm buttered bagel with sea salt on top… or maybe 2.

6. New dinning table. We have a new dinning table, is so exciting. The table we had is still ok, but it was a cheap table we’ve got while renting and I don’t feel it works for us now. I wanted a new one and we finally have decided on a model we both love.

7. French. I understood an interview in French without any difficulties. Then I listened to French radio and I had no issues, I understood everything. It was a surprise as I didn’t use French since the high school test (at 18, similar to A levels). I don’t think I can speak with the same accuracy and I don’t even mention the writing, but is nice to know at least I can do that.

8. Liverpool. There are so many things to do, so many events, I love it.

9. Events for bloggers. I’ve been to an event this month and others are planned this year. I’m so happy I went to the first one in February and I saw how great it can be.

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  1. Yummy, home grown fruit is the best kind, I LOVE raspberries! They look absolutely delicious! It’s so lovely that you’re looking after the pigeons, they are lucky to have you 🙂 I’m looking forward to a few upcoming London trips, too, mainly for concerts I’m going to, but I usually go a few hours earlier so that I have time to look around. Great post 🙂 x

    1. Thank you Amanda xx Is no nice for you to say that, I hope the pigeons will like their new feeder.
      It’s great you have plans for London and concerts, sounds amazing.

  2. Love your post! We had a nesting bird in the dog kennel but seems to have disappeared. The dogs may have disturbed it a bit – shame really because it was so cute!

    I like Liverpool / not somewhere I’ve been often but I find it to be way better than Chester these days.

    What blogger events ar you going to?

    Oh and French! That’s awesome you can still understand it. I did French A Level but not used it since the . I think I could still understand a bit of it but I really ought to get back into it.

    And yes, very sad about Jules Bianchi. 🙁 #RIPJules

    1. Thank you x “Our” pigeons aren’t that bothered about the dog, but he doesn’t spend a lot of time in the garden anyway.
      I’m attending events in Liverpool in October and November, is so exciting.

  3. I love this kind of post, it’s so nice to focus on all the positives and think about the little things that make us smile like baby pigeons! I hope you have a dinner party scheduled in to show off that new table!

  4. Great post series. I should write up a smililar one. The fruits looks yummy.

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