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Liverpool Fashion Week

I’ve been at Liverpool Fashion Week for the first time this week.* I had a great time and I enjoyed the catwalk shows. The venue, Fusion, is great, in the centre and looked lovely.

Each day had a different theme, the opening night: Haute Couture, Streetwear. The second night, the one I’ve been to was New Talent. The last day was High Street, independent boutiques. I like so much seeing new designers, that was obvious I would pick that day. Prepare for plenty of pictures from the shows. For more details about Liverpool Fashion Week.

 Liverpool Fashion Week

02 Liverpool Fashion Week

The first show was Essere Bella Boutique featuring Kiki Riki fashion collection. Kiki Riki is a brand based in New York, which manufactures the garments in Istanbul.

03 Liverpool Fashion Week

04 Liverpool Fashion

05 Fashion Week

 Liverpool Fashion

07 Liverpool Fashion Week

08 Liverpool Fashion Week

The second catwalk show was Fabrikk. The designer is Kate Pearson, from Leeds. The clothes are made in UK.
The hats and the handbags are lovely. I liked all of them. The handbags are made with vegan leather and they look really nice. The hats are ethically produced, handmade in Yorkshire, vegan and made to be long-lasting.

09 Fashion Week

10 Liverpool Fashion Week

 Liverpool Fashion Week

12 Liverpool Fashion

Courtney Gill sang a couple of songs for us in the break.

13 Fashion Week

The third show was Evelina Collection. I loved her designs.

14 Fashion Week in Liverpool

15 Liverpool Fashion Week

16 Liverpool Fashion

Fashion Week

18 Liverpool Fashion Week

19 Liverpool Fashion Week

20 Liverpool Fashion

21 Liverpool Fashion Week

The last show was Uncommon Routes. Is a fashion brand inspired by the three-letter codes used to identify every airport around the world. It’s something really different.

22 Liverpool Fashion

23 Liverpool Fashion Week

24 Liverpool Fashion

I had a wonderful time. I think I will be going to the Fashion Week in Liverpool next year too.

*Invited for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Looks like you have had a very fun week, I love some of the new trends but I’m not one for wearing skimpy outfits so couldn’t see myself in some xXx

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