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It’s been a busy time for me with work and renovating the house and social life and blogging. Pretty soon we’ll do another short trip to London, one in Harrogate. I have some awesome events this month. If we aren’t too busy, I hope we’ll even have time for a few days of camping.

1. Seminar in Birmingham. A few days ago hubby and I went to the NEC for a one-day seminar. I’ve attended last year too and it was interesting. Now I have a lot of new ideas that I want to implement in my work.

2. 8th wedding anniversary. I’ve been married for 8 years. We had a great time.

3. Guinea pigs on the shopping list. I know we can’t get another pet (or pets) now, hubby knows we can’t (and he is not too keen either). This doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and joke about the necessity of having a couple of guinea pigs as pets. So, I’m adding guinea pigs between the flour, mushrooms and detergents.


4. Feeding swans and ducks. Relaxing doesn’t have to take hours, a big bag of seeds and a half an hour in the park does the trick. Listening to birds singing, feeding the bigger ones and breathing fresh air makes me feel great.

5. Cheesecake. In the summer I like to make cheesecake in a jar, as I prefer chilled desserts. I made a lot of them in the last days, but I forget to take pictures and share the recipes.

6. 2 goals for 2015 done. From my 5 goals for this year I manage to complete 2 of them in a few days. The first goal was to try a new sport and I’ve shot at the Cheshire County Show. The second goal I’ve achieved is to run in a race and I did that too.
The other 3 goals are doing good, I keep the good things jar and I write the good things post. Also, I write more as I have my cooking blog too.

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  1. Cheesecake in a jar is such an amazing idea! I’ll definitely be giving it a try. And congrats on being married for 8 years 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! It looks like you’ve got lots of nice things planned and I thought you were eating crisps at first- was about to say, “Yes, I could imagine myself looking at a beautiful view with a large bag of crisps but then read it was bird seed!” Alas, just me then!

  3. Wow 8 years! Well done! The NEC centre is so big. I had to go for a workshop once and it was massive.

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you Corinne x The first time I’ve been to NEC I was exhibiting there and it was daunting to see it so big. Now, after a lot of shows (exhibiting or visiting), it feels like home :))

  4. Happy 8th anniversary to you both! I love feeding ducks. It’s fun to do to, and I agree that it’s relaxing too 🙂

    Yum, I cheesecake is so good. I haven’t seen cheesecake in a jar before! That sounds like an interesting way to make them.

    Congrats on finishing 2 goals already! That’s awesome that you ran in a race. I’ve never done one, but I like running and feel like I should have entered one by now. Good luck on your other goals!

  5. Congratulations on 8 years married, what a great achievement! Ffed ing the ducks is so much fun! I want to go to Sefton Park soon and see some ducks. Cheesecake in a jar sounds fun! Please do share the recipe!

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