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Snowdrop and handmade vase

These snowdrops are from my garden. I love growing plants, pick them and decorate the living room.

01 snowdrop and handmade vase

I’ve bought a special vase, handmade by a British ceramic artist. I like her vases, especially the slimline collection. The vase is made from porcelain and that was perfect for me, as I avoid the ceramic made from bone china.

02 snowdrop and handmade vase

03 snowdrop and handmade vase

04 snowdrop and handmade vase

05 snowdrop and handmade vase

Now I have a piece of spring on the mantelpiece with the flowers and the robin I’ve received as a Christmas prezzie from hubby.

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  1. I love the subtle texture on it! Looks like recycled paper. It’s so pretty! 😀 xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. The vase is beautiful! It looks so delicate with the lovely snowdrops in. Who is the designer?

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