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Garden Update

I didn’t imagine that in late October I’m going to make a garden update. A few months ago I shared pictures with my newly refurbished garden. Now many of the flowers are still in bloom, while the passiflora got much bigger. We still have lots of bees flying into our garden. I just love it. I think next year I’m going to make a monthly update of the garden. Enjoy the pictures!

Garden Update


Herb and veggie garden

This is my herb and veggie garden. I harvested all the salad and didn’t plant any more. I bought some top soil and compost to top up the raised beds, but it seems that I will need to wait a bit longer to do that.


This is my Apache potato plant. I planted 2 small apache potatoes when I made roasted potatoes last time. It grew immensely! I had no idea that it will grow like this, without any food plant. I can’t wait to harvest the potatoes for Christmas.
This made me buy a growing bag and I will plant some more potatoes in January, maybe one or two from the Apache harvest, if the plant is making potatoes too and not only huge leaves.


After I said that this will be my last pansy harvest and cut off all these flowers to use and freeze, I noticed today that there are a few more flowers in bloom in the pansy plant.


The raspberry plant is growing lovely after I replanted it. Something is eating from the leaves, but I don’t use any insect spray or anything. We still harvest 2-3 raspberries every few days, so I can’t complain.

Cherry tree

The cherry tree is not looking as great as the apple or the fig, but I imagine it will recover nicely in the Spring.

Next month I want to plant some bulbs, but I will have to see when is the best time to do that, as I don’t want to disturb the existing flowers too much.

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  1. Your garden is looking lovely! I love your Dahlias and I saw the resplendent fig tree! I’ve also tried growing potatoes this year and I am going to try and harvest them tomorrow I think!
    My raspberry actually still has a few fruits on it- thanks for the reminder. I can’t believe how successful it has been this year!

  2. Your garden is doing great! Amazing, how many flowers you have in October, we hardly have anything in bloom, except the cyclamens. It’s interesting to read one of the comments above for the planting of tulip bulbs. My Mum tends to plant them in October or even earlier, when she stays here, and her tulips always bloom perfectly in spring.
    And yes, I’d love more frequent updates on your garden. 🙂

  3. Beautiful colours in your garden, you have cultivated some lovely flowers. Your garden looks great, I’m sure it is a very peaceful place.

  4. It all still looks so vibrant! If you do end up seeing bugs (eating the leaves), there are recipes online for things you can spray with (like a solution of dishwashing liquid) that aren’t chemically based.

    Have you considered setting up your own beehive?

    1. On the raspberry bush there were some caterpillars. I’m not sure what is on the potato plant. It’s not necessarily that I don’t want to use chemicals, but more that I don’t want to kill insects. I grow the plants for fun and I don’t mind sharing them. 🙂
      A beehive would be too much work. I saw, in Romania, how they are constructed, and it is interesting to see, but pretty much that’s it for me.

  5. Ah, your garden has some lovely things in it. Dahlias are wonderful for Autumn colour, at least until the first frosts anyway. And potatoes for Christmas Day, yay! Definitely plant some bulbs, you won’t disturb your existing flowers that much. Just wait until the first frosts for tulips as they need really cold soil. And yes, I hope you do post monthly garden updates next year, I shall look out for them! X

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