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10 Good things

This time I have 10 good things and a few more. My DA (Domain Authority) had a 2 points raise this month compared to the last one. I went to feed the birds and I received a beautiful silver gecko necklace from my husband. A few more wonderful things happened, but I’m going to blog about them in dedicated posts.

Also, it snowed! Not even an inch of snow, but well, last year we had none.

1. Catwalk show at Moda. It was the first time I’ve been to Moda and I enjoyed the show a lot. There where 2 catwalks. I loved the clothes and it was so well organized. It’s a trade show, so I couldn’t buy anything for myself.

2. Amazing Hubby. He prepared dinner while I was relaxing in bed with a book after a long day working.

3. Amaryllis in bloom I bought a couple of Amaryllis in January, plant them and now they are in bloom. They look so nice on the kitchen window sill. I see them every time I leave and return home. I will have to have plants or flowers, as it makes the home more homely.

4. Easter gift swap I signed up for an Easter gift swap and I can’t wait to start looking for the present. I did a Secret Santa last year and it was so much fun.

5. Fetch. Placing an order for dog food on Friday evening and receiving it on Sunday morning is so handy. On Sunday we went to Birmingham, so we booked the 7am slot, to get it before the morning walk. Fetch is part of Ocado, I didn’t order from Ocado, but I think I should.

6. New Header for social media for CookStyle. I planned exactly how I wanted it to look, I bought props and I will have a new and amazing header pretty soon. Hubby will take pictures one of these days, he was busy and this is why it takes a little longer. I will share it in my next Good Things post.

7. The Dog, The Fox and The Heron. It’s not a pub, it’s our evening walk. A heron we see on our walks for a few months was standing still in the stream. I tried to photograph him, but I really can’t, he flies and I end up with a picture of the sky and a blur :)) Getting back to the story, the heron was in the water and the fox was near the stream, I think she/he was trying to catch the heron. Well, after seeing us (and by us I mean Festus because she couldn’t be bothered by us humans), she/he fled. So Festus saved the heron. Giving the opportunity, he might have chased the heron himself, but in that situation he was a real hero.

8. Caravan show. I loved seeing the caravans and campers and vans. I wasn’t sure about campers, now I know the concept is not suitable for us. The thing I didn’t like about them is that there is no way to isolate the car part from the “caravan” part. What happens with the dog in a forceful braking?
I think a caravan is the best option for us. I’m not thinking of a new one as it looses value so quickly. We might get a very cheap SH as we don’t want to spend too much without knowing how much we are going to use it.

9. Tate. Hubby and I visit Tate Liverpool a couple of weeks ago. Neither of us are too keen on modern art, but I saw some inspiring pieces of art.

10. The weather. It gets warmer and a few flowers started to bloom, the birds are eating from the bird feeder we have in the garden. I can’t wait for the Spring to arrive, to be able to see lots of beautiful places and go for longer walks. Although I can’t say the weather is the only thing that prevent me to go on longer walks, the work keeps me busy too.

+bonus image of the snow 🙂

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  1. I love a positive post and I really like this idea of 10 good things! Will try it out 🙂

  2. That’s a great mixture Anca, Can I just say, we went out to choose a Caravan and ended up with a Narrowboat, haha. Good luck x

  3. I tried to comment but somehow my comment didn’t go through so I will try again.

    I think this is a lovely post, and amazing of your hubby to treat you like that, my boyfriend sometimes cook dinner for me to and make cocktails. I also love that the weather is getting warmer, can’t literally wait for summer now! x


  4. Congratulations on the DA increase!

    I got so excited when it snowed. It lasted less than five minutes and didn’t lay but it was still awesome. It was the first time my Toddler had ever seen snow and she loved it. She cried when it stopped.

  5. Aw I love all the happy things! Sounds like you have had a positive few days, the snow looks so crazy too!

  6. A great post and I love seeing what people have enjoyed recently. Well done on your DA going up. Mine went up by 1 which I’m fairly happy about.

    Laura x

  7. It’s great that your DA went up by 2 point! Mine did the same 🙂 woohoo *high five*

  8. Well done on the DA increase. Mine went up by 1. At least it’s going in the right direction!

  9. I love this what a nice way to remember all the good things. We didn’t get any snow, not sure if I’m pleased about that or not.

  10. What does the 2 point thing mean? Well done, whatever it is!!
    I love your snowy pictures and how lovely your husband made you the meal. Mine is currently snoring in all his clothes in bed! Grr!
    I’m always a bit confused by caravans- they seem a good idea but I’m not totally sure!x

    1. The DA is a measure of how my blog is performing on google. The biggest the DA, the more likely it will show up higher in google searches.
      This is why I’m still pondering if a caravan is a good idea or not. I never went on holiday with a caravan. 🙂

  11. I love gratitude posts so much! This is lovely and yay for DA going up and lovely husbands x

  12. It’s been snowing all day here! wooo and doom. It’s annoying having to sort the car out.

    Well done on the DA increase 🙂

    Corinne x

  13. Ooh lots of lovely ‘good things!’ You must get a caravan – we had one for years and absolutely loved it. Jealous of your snow – we never get any! Kaz x

  14. I love positive posts like these! Congrats on the DA increase, I know how hard it is to get it to rise 🙂

  15. Yay for good things – and snow! Love snow! Honestly, Snowdon looks real pretty this morning. Ahh good boy Festus for saving the Heron (and yes I did think it was the name of a pub!).

    I think you can get dog safety belts if you wanted to try a camper. Not sure hey they work though x

  16. We have LOADS of snow here today, and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop any time soon. I love snow though 🙂

  17. What a lovely post. I’ve also signed up for an easter gift swap and I can’t wait to get started x

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