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Goals for 2023

These are my 2023 goals! As usual, if I don’t do all of them, I’m not bothered at all. All the goals are modest and easy to do, so, hopefully, all will be done.

Goals for 2023: Blogs

1. Post regularly. All book reviews on Coffee&Books. A more modest 12 recipes on CookStyle, new or old ones but veganized, which will be an improvement as in 2022 I did none. For ancaslifestyle is, the same as last year, twice every week, so about 100 posts per year.

2. Reviews for Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants. Last year I had 12, this year I’m aiming for 6 as I’m going to visit some of those from last year again.

3. Reviews. 9 reviews are the target for this year, but I would be happy with 6 too.

4. Taste the World. I will aim for 3 new recipes for Taste the World.

5. Read the World. This again will be a moderate 6 new countries for Read the World. I did more last year, so this year I’m happy with 3 too.

goals for 2023

Goals for 2023: Personal

1. Be active. Instead of the Exercise regularly goal I was usually setting, I will aim for a mindset of being active.

2. Sew. This is the goal I set and rarely seem to do. Once again: sew something.

3. Read 89 Books. In the last 2 years I read 89 books, so I’m setting 89 as a goal and not 100 as I usually did in January, ignoring that my studies will make it very difficult for me to reach the 100 mark.

Goals for 2023: Travel & sightseeing

1. 3 new flags to the UK map. I am hoping for 3 new flags. With each year it gets harder, as I need to travel further for new flags, hence why the number of flags gets smaller and smaller.

2. Visit 6 stately homes. I plan to visit 6 stately homes this year and blog about them. I didn’t blog about all I saw last year, so this will hopefully be the push I need.

3. Visit 6 museums. I usually do and share, but it’s the first time I have this as a goal.

4. Go to 4 special exhibitions. This is something I don’t do and I need to do more, hence the goal.

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  1. Good Luck! with all your hopes and plans for 2023. So long as whatever you do is fun and enjoyable, that’s all that really matters at the end of the day! Have a very Happy New Year and stay healthy 🙂

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