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Travel in Style

Travel in Style – Iconic Cunard Advertising in the 1920s and 1930s – is a special exhibition, available until December 2023. It is free to visit at Victoria Gallery & Museum, University of Liverpool.

Travel in Style

I shared a lot of pictures from the exhibition. It is a must if you are in Liverpool and have an interest in advertising. Enjoy the pictures. The last one is with a poster and close-ups with details.



Room in the museum





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  1. I love the graphics on the poster. They remind me of the covers of the British Crime Library Classics series which are very vintage. It looks like a fabulous exhibit.

  2. I should imagine that if you enjoyed this exhibition, you will already have visited the Robert Opie Museum of Brands. We have seen the fabulous collection more than once, but before it moved to London, when it was located at Gloucester Docks, which is quite an easy drive for us to take.

    There is a recent Cunard advert which keeps airing on TV, which Dave just can’t watch, as he says it reminds him of an old 1960s campaign, just in the way the lead actor speaks and the language it uses. I wonder if this means that their service and amenities haven’t moved on since then either 🙂 🙂

    I would definitely visit this exhibition if I lived locally, a great find by you 🙂

    1. I’ve been to the Museum of Brands, but that was years ago, so I have only a vague memory of it. I should visit it again, someday. It was really interesting, that I remember.
      I started looking at the local museums to check the special exhibitions as sometimes is so easy to forget that interesting things happen only a few miles from home. Thank you for stopping by.

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