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Visiting UK

Last year I’ve made a post about 100 places I’ve been to, in the 6 years since I moved to UK. I thought I should make this a annually post, to see how many new places I’ve been to. This year I have 22 new flags on the map, most of these new flags are in the south of England, from our two holidays there. Of course, I’ve been to some of the same places that already had flags.

Visiting UK

It’s fun to see how many of the flags are cluttered around M6. If I would have lived in another part of the UK, and not Merseyside, then my map would have looked slightly different.

I haven’t blog about all the new places I’ve been to, as I just got back from my holiday, only a bit over a week or so. Last year I talked about my favourite places and I still love all of those. Do have a look at that post. From the 22 new places I’ve been to, my 5 favourites are:

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks. Oldest pub in England

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks is believed to be the oldest pub in England. I’ve had lunch there in January. The pub is in St Albans, another gorgeous place with lovely shops and an important historical cathedral.

Wedgewood Museum

Wedgewood Museum and Tea Rooms were on my to-see list for a long time. It was a fab experience and I would love to visit it again and take a tour of the factory too. The cream tea I had was delicious too, so I’ll definitely stop at the Tea rooms again.

Castle Combe

This year I’ve seen a few gorgeous villages and Castle Combe is one of them. I think I picked it because I’ve been there this month and is fresh in my memory.


Bath was another location I wanted to see for a long time. This is the Royal Crescent. I’ve visited the No1 house, now a museum. I’ve also been to the Roman Bath, three museums like the Postal Museum. Of course, I had a dessert at Sally Lunn’s. I loved every minute of it and would love to go there again.

Tintagel. The old post office

Last but not least is Tintagel, a gorgeous village in Cornwall, with a stunning castle, an old building called the Old Post Office, plenty of places to eat. It was hard to choose between Tintagel and Boscastle as both are great.

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  1. I think it’s great that you’ve traveled around and seen so much. I’m ashamed to say there are way too many places within an easy day’s drive of where I live that I’ve never visited. I loved traveling when I was younger, but have become a homebody in my old age, in part because of all our animals that need tending to.

    1. There are places near me that I haven’t been to either. I want to make a list and look at it often, so I know where to go on a weekend.

  2. So many flags, you’ve been to loads of places! Not one flag near to my neck of the woods though.. closest is Cambridge to me. I definitely recommend checking out the east of England, I think you’d love it.

    1. I’d love to visit East Anglia, it’s on my list. Time and money are the only two reasons why I haven’t been there. 🙂

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