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Xmas tree. The making of…

Hubby and I had long discussions regarding which xmas tree is best for us. These were generated by the lack of the perfect solution for both of us: a real one with a root big enough to keep the tree alive and plant it in the small back yard.

Last year I killed a real tree, very small but cute. This haunted me until I saw a label on a tree in ASDA which stated that the roots are too small and the tree is unlikely to last after Christmas or if it would be replanted. At least, it wasn’t my fault… it was doomed from the start.

Hubby decided to take the matters into his own hands, so he bought a lovely artificial tree, with white thingies at the end of the branches and pine cones. It looks great. We put purple baubles, no tinsel and just some white lights. We love it like this.

Setting up the tree was harder than I thought at the beginning. The trees we had were simpler, the branches were glued together and easy to assemble. This one has a lot of sections and the branches must be put in their designated slots, grouped by colours and letters.

The 2nd time will be a piece of cake, but it was strange to see all the branches scattered on the floor.



Festus was so excited… A bunch of branches with small balls on them!!! What’s not to like!! He had big trees before. At his 1st Christmas, he managed to put down the tree a few times in 2-3 days. I think he has really nice memories from that Christmas.

For the 2nd Christmas he had a job: guarding the tree from the nasty cat that was trying to play with the “balls”. So everything was great for me. The tree was up and dog&cat free due to Festus’s guarding.

Last year the tree was to small to be taken into consideration and this year he hoped he could finally play with it. But I’m a bad mum and I don’t let him play with the tree.