Very Christmas Party

I’ve been invited to the Very Christmas Party last weekend. I will talk about the event and, after that, about the amazing goodie bag I received. All the brands in the goodie bag are available on their website, and, of course, all the party dresses that you see in the pictures.

Very Christmas Party. Mixed clothes and accessories

How lovely is their product showcase display? I love it. It feels glamours, perfect for a Christmas blogging event.

Bloggers at Very Party

I saw some bloggers I already knew and that is always fab, I also met a couple of new bloggers. It’s very nice to have a chat. A couple of lovely ladies from Very asked me for tips for the party season. I had no idea what to say. All the things that went through my mind were more suitable for a talk about fashion for over 80s, like make sure the clothes are the right size. Nobody can see the label, but everybody can see how the clothes look like on you. I still don’t know what party season tips I would give. My approach when it comes to clothes is: feel amazing, feel comfortable. For me, comfortable means wearing high heels, but that is only a plus when it comes to fashion.

Me looking at clothes on the rail

I posed for this picture, but I picked one of the dresses that caught my eyes at the event. I’m so keen on pink and that dress was gorgeous.

Christmas tree at Very Party

Christmas trees have to be up and decorated at a Christmas party and at the Very Pary there were a few, all with lovely boxes underneath.

Women clothes at Very Christmas Party

Pink coat

This was my favourite coat, pink again. I think it’s perfect for a night out, but I would also wear something like this at work. Of course, I’m in a creative industry and that offers flexibility when it comes to fashion.


I love these boots too. They are so cute.

Men clothes

Besides the women clothing, there was clothing for men and children too. The suits looked great.

Men coat

I liked this coat a lot.

Skin Doctors and Illamasqua had stands, so we could have a chat.

Night cream

I will talk a bit more about their products at the end of the post, when I talk about the goodie bag. I have a few samples of this night cream, and I can’t wait.

Baubbles filled with ampoules of cream

Their stand was really nicely decorated.

Very cupcakes on a stand

The very cupcakes were so cute.

Rail with clothes for small girls

I mentioned that Very showcased beautiful dresses and clothes for kids too.

Girl dress on a rail at Very Christmas Party

Even if we don’t have children, I like to look at girls dresses, to the annoyance of my husband (I think he does like seeing boys clothes though). I think they are so cute and lovely, a delight to see.

Goodie Bag

One of the things I like a lot about the very blogger events is the extra attention they put into details. My goodie bag had my name on it, on a snowflake tag, it feels more personal.

Goodie Bag at Very Christmas Party. Contents

Look at all these amazing products. I will make a list of the brands, hoping I don’t miss any: Spectrum brush, W7 vegan makeup; Soul Beauty Triple Silicone Sponge Set; St Tropez St Tropez Gradual Tan Sculpt & Glow Body Lotion; UTan Utan & Tone; Fiorelli Bead Bracelet; Baylis and Harding; Boozi lip balm; Bomb Cosmetics; Elegant Touch; Ultrasun Glimmer 20; Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Pencil; Sleek Makeup i-Art; Illamasqua; Skin Doctors.

From Skin Doctors I got a Potent Vit. C Day Ampoules in the goodie bag and an Instant Facelift cream at their stand, in the lucky dip. I’m very excited about their products. Both of the ones I got are vegan, and I can’t wait to try them. One of the creams I have is made in UK, the other one in Italy. Fab, just fab.
Another thing I can’t wait to try from the goodie bag is the silicone sponge set. I use a make foundation sponge, but I’m eager to see how the silicone one is compared to the one I use. The boozi lip balm sounds fun. I also love the makeup, the Illamasqua will be interesting, very festive. I used W7 before and I’m happy to try this makeup palette too.
The bath bombs are fab as a gift, they come in a cracker-type of box with three, how cute is that?

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  1. I usually like looking at girls dresses because I can often fit into aged 12-13-I LOVE that dress with the stars!!!
    What an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing goodie bag!!!

  2. I love looking at little girls dresses too! Even though I have a daughter, I know I’d never get her in a pretty party dress in a million years! 😀

  3. This event looks amazing. I don’t shop with them but love the things on display! So beautiful!

  4. What a great sounding event! I love Very and shop there all the time, they have a great range of products. I also love that you had your own personal gift bag, things like that really do give an extra touch x

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