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Herbs in the window sill

With the exception of the rosemary, which was bought from a National Trust garden, all of them are grown from seeds. The chillies are huge and they started to produce flowers and chilli. In the right pot I have hot chilli, sage and chilli. In the left one I have rosemary, dill and chives.

Last year the chives grew too much and it wasn’t nice. Now we are harvesting weekly and it looks great!

herb garden at home 2

The rosemary it’s getting bigger and bigger. We harvest it and from the dill too. I love adding some fresh herbs in salads or on top of baked potatoes.

herb garden at home 3

herb garden at home

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  1. Si noi am devenit niste gradinari de ocazie, ca sa spun asa, cultivam ardei iuti, marar si patrunjel. Chit ca nu se face primavara cu un rasad, in timp vrem sa experimentam mai mult. Cu mararul crescut din seminte, a facut dl Perfect un ghiveci de legume, de zici ce-i aia! 🙂

    1. 🙂 Incearca cu mai multe, busuioc, cimbru, o sa iasa. Au iesit, dar au murit pt ca nu i-am mutat intr-un ghiveci mai mare, ca nu am avut timp in perioada respectiva. Anul viitor o sa plantez ceva f f interesant, sper sa-mi iasa, nu zic nimic pana nu pun primele seminte in ghiveci.

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