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Timeline and Dobble review

What can be better in a caravanning trip than to play some board games while outside is raining? Luckily, I’ve been sent these 3 fab games to review. When I received them I was eager to try them out, but I kept them especially for this trip, as we were leaving in a few days.

Timeline and Dobble review

I like the boxes, they are sturdy and good quality, so I think they could be a great gift. My husband opened the box and set up the game, in the meantime I made hot chocolate.

Timeline General Interest review
The first game we played was Timeline General Interest (RRP £12.99). The game is very easy to play, we had 4 cards each, I placed the first card from the stack with the date up. Taking turns, we had to place our cards to create a timeline. If a player places their card in the wrong place, he has to take a new card from the stack. The player who finishes the cards first is the winner.
It was hard to place the cards in a timeline, especially as the difference between the years can be as short as 1 year. There were also events happening on the same year. The game is fun and we played it a few times. Even if I used a card, I didn’t remember the year from that card next time we played because it’s all about comparing events. Examples of cards: the invention of the traffic light, the invention of the pocket book or the invention of the washing machine.

This game has 110 cards, there are quite a lot. This means the game can be played many times without it getting boring and remembering all the details. Even so, this game can be played along the last one in my review, Timeline Science and Discoveries and that one too has 110 cards.

Dobble review
The next game we tried was Dobble (RRP £12.99). Dobble is an observation game where players have to match the identical symbol between cards. It sounds easy, but there were moments when I saw the card and I couldn’t find the words. In that situation, saying “aaaa….aaa….aaaa….” and tapping the sign helps. It was fun.

Timeline Science and Discoveries review
We played Timeline Science and Discoveries (RRP £12.99) next day. It was harder than Timeline General Interest, but just as fun. Surprisingly, a lot of things I thought were invented in the 20th century were actually Victorian. The rules are the same and it has the same number of cards.
If you want to make it a little harder, instead of 4 cards for each player, deal 5 or 6.

I loved the games and I think we are going to play with them often. I should also mention that these games will come with us on our next caravanning trips, as it’s a lovely way to spend the nights in after long days visiting different attractions.

Do you play card games? Have you tried Timeline or Dobble?

*PR samples. All opinions are my own. I wouldn’t have blogged about them if I wouldn’t think the games are great.

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  1. The tester games were so much fun at Blog On weren’t they?! I need to buy some I think. I had thought about getting a set to take on holiday but I didn’t get around to it. x

  2. I LOVE boardgames! How nice to get to try out some new ones!! Not played these though!

  3. I LOVE card and board games, I haven’t heard of either of these but I love the idea of Dobble, simple games are often the most addictive!

  4. I saw these at a recent blogging conference I went to, its a fab game, my boys would love it #LIML

  5. Oh they look like fun, and perfect for a caravanning trip. Great to find your blog on #LIML, looking forward to reading more.

  6. I’ve not tried either of these games but we recently played Exploding Kittens, which was great fun and worth checking out x

  7. Those games look fab, makes a nice change to just a normal pack of playing cards.

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