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No7 Overnight Revitalising Hand Treatment

In November, on Black Friday, I bought some cosmetics and makeup from Boots, including this No7 Overnight Revitalising Hand Treatment from their Protect and Perfect range. Protect and Perfect range is for women in their 30s – early 40s. I started using the hand cream at night and I was delighted with the results. Before I used to use hand cream twice a day and still had dry hands. In a couple of days after starting using the No7 Overnight hand cream, my hands looked great and I used it only once, before going to bed. I have to admit the results where even better than I hoped for.

No7 Overnight Revitalising Hand Treatment

I’ve been using the cream for a month and a half and I’m very pleased. As it’s less than half left, I will buy it again next time I go to Boots. The No7 hand treatment is £11.50 at the moment. It might sound much for a hand cream, this is what I thought when I saw the price, but I think it’s worth it. I’m very happy with it, it’s better than other cheaper creams I’ve tried and I use it once a day, not twice or three times. Another thing I love about it is that it’s made in the UK. I’m willing to pay a little bit more to have products made locally. Even so, Boots has offers for No7, like the 3 for 2 for cosmetics and I’m going to take advantage to get a couple more products, maybe the day hand cream and a mask.

I use quite a bit of product and it’s absorbed quickly and it doesn’t leave a greasy feel, like other hand creams I used before. I feel my hands are soft even when I cooked a lot and I washed my hands many times. I should have taken before and after pictures, but I had no idea it will be so good.

No7 Overnight Revitalising Hand Treatment

The hand cream can be used in 24 months after opening, so there is plenty of time to finish it all. It mentions on the tube that it contains a component that may increase sun sensitivity and it would be recommended to use a SPF moisturizer. The day cream would be a good choice. During winter I don’t feel I need it, but I would definitely use one in the summer.

Have you tried the No7 hand treatment?

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  1. I may be a guy, but this was an interesting read. I write quite a bit about men’s skincare and No7 has been recommended to me. Used it a few times in the past but I was keen to find out more about the brand so this was useful.

  2. Not tried it, but might be a lovely present for one of my friends turning 30 this year. Weird for me to think of it for that lol x

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