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3rd year in UK

Today is the anniversary of the day I arrived in UK. Last year I’ve wrote an article about my new life, focusing mainly on what I like. This year I want to write of how I feel. In the last 3 years so many things have changed, as a natural process of evolving through new experiences. […]

Christmas tree

As it is 1 month to Christmas, it was time to set up the Christmas tree. We were very well prepared for this task with mulled wine (the recipe will follow) and mince pies (shop-bought!, very naughty, but had no time to make ones at home). Festus was keen in inspecting the tree. As he […]

Transforming the porch

The house didn’t have a lot of curb appeal when we’ve bought it and there still are some things that we need to sort out, like the driveway (1st on our list for next Spring). The porch was unusable, as it’s very obvious even in the pictures. It is quite small, but there is enough […]

My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and we’ve decided to go for a drive in Peak District. As we were so busy with the house and work this last 2 months, I wanted to spend time outside, enjoying the peace and quite. I thought long about this, as I was inclined to say lets go to the […]

Morning walk

We walk the dog every day, usually in the morning, no matter if it rains or it’s cold or hot. Although the British weather is mild for us,  as we are used to higher temperatures in the summer and lower in the winter. Festus was so happy we were going in the park. At 5 […]

Bonfire night

We went for the fireworks display at Sefton Park, as we did in the last 3 years. It is impressive, as it lasts almost 20 minutes and there are so many people, it’s very nice. But, on our way to the park we saw a real bonfire, so hubby turned the car and we went […]


This Halloween was strange and that should be a good thing for a Halloween, isn’t it? I’ve pained my face with green makeup but with the flash is not that visible. And no lipstick for a more horror look 😀 We stayed at home even thou we’ve received a lovely invitation to a Halloween party. […]