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Windy Arbour Farm

This month I’ve been to Windy Arbour Farm for my Farm-of-the-month series. The farm shop is run by the Turner family. They were already farming at Windy Arbour for over a century when they decided to start selling their own produce in 1970s. Most of the veggies found at the farm shop are local. Of course some are imported, like the Chard I bought, as it’s not available here. My husband and I found the farm very easy and there are a few parking spaces, enough even for a busy day.

02 Windy Arbour Farm

The first thing I’ve noticed when I got in the shop was the amount of chocolate eggs and dragons, all looking amazingly decorated and delicious. We had a look around the shop, bought a few veggies and took some more pictures outside.

01 Windy Arbour Farm
Those apples were so yum. I don’t know why at supermarket I never think of buying apples, but at farm shops I want to get loads. I bought some Bramley apples for a crumble and a couple of Red delicious to eat.

03 Windy Arbour Farm
The farm shop is quite big with lots of fresh produce. There are chutneys and herbs, fresh and dried, pickles. There is also a fridge with meat and dairy, didn’t pay attention as I’m a veggie.

04 Windy Arbour Farm
The new potatoes were an exciting find. I love new potatoes, it reminds me of my childhood and it’s the same for hubby. So we bought a few to shallow-fry. Yummy.

05 Windy Arbour Farm
Near the till I found chocolate again. Aren’t they cute? I like best the London bus.

06 Windy Arbour Farm
This is what I bought this time. I spent £7.90, which I think it’s great. The chard was Italian and I think that everything else was local. I got the chard, potatoes, new potatoes, 2 types of apples, carrots, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms.

If you want to visit the farm, the address is: Windy Arbour Farm Shop, Ashton Road, Billinge, Wigan, WN5 7XX. They are opened daily.

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  1. Aww Looks lovely. I must take Lily to a farm soon. and pick up something from the local shop when i do 😀

  2. This farm shop looks great! I love them, they are so nice to avoid the supermarket. I went to one in Lincolnshire a while back which was superb- we came back with loads of veggies!!!x

  3. High five to being a vegetarian! What is your favourite vegetarian meal? I miss having a farmers shop because I don’t live in the countryside anymore but it is so much more convenient living nearer to London as I go nearly everyday!

  4. All that for £7 is a bargain, especially when you know what good quality your going to be getting! As soon as I have myself a car again I can’t wait to hit the farmers markets and see what I can find, I love good local, fresh produce!

    Sarah 🙂

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