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This week we’ve been to Burnley and we had a wonderful time. Burnley is a very old market town north of Manchester. There are references to it from the 13th century. During the industrial revolution, Burnley was important in the weaving industry. Now we can enjoy lovely walks on the canal due to that industrial past. There is a small museum, but it was closed when we visited the town. I imagine it’s quite interesting, near a pub we’ve been to, more about the pub in tomorrow’s post.

Burnley also has two historical buildings that can be visited: Towneley Hall and Gawthorpe Hall. I’ve been to the first one and I will blog about it next week. It also has a beautiful countryside. I think there are a few walks to be done there, as there were a few signs with public footpath. We might go on one of those walks one day.

01 Burnley

Our first stop was at the Singing Ringing Tree. I just love that name, it’s so catchy. The Singing Ringing Tree is a musical sculpture, part of Panopticons, a series of 4 sculptures in East Lancashire. It was very windy so the sound wasn’t as expected. Completed in 2006, is a 3-metre tall construction comprising of steel pipes.

02 Burnley

The view from the top is amazing. There is a long bench and a table with four chairs.

03 Burnley

I mentioned it was very windy, not very pleasant, but it does make the perfect condition for taking amazing pictures.

04 Burnley

After seeing the Singing Ringing Tree, we went to Burnley. We walked around the town and spotted this wonderful canal. I love walking along the canals.

06 Burnley

As I mentioned before, Burnley was an important weaving town and barges would bring the cotton to the warehouse. It would have been stored here before being shipped by horse&cart to the nearby mills.

Now in the warehouse there is a pub, Inn On The Wharf, the one that I’m going to talk about tomorrow and the museum that was closed when we went to Burnley.

05 Burnley

We continued walking and enjoying the views and the sun.

07 Burnley

08 Burnley

11 Burnley

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  1. There are so many great Northern towns that don’t get half the recognition they deserve! Will have to take a trip out to Burnley soon! x

  2. What a beautiful history behind this town!
    Also a great view right up the top! Great that it was only windy even it is not pleasant, if it rain, then you won’t be able to see the view!

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