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On our trip to Scotland we’ve been to a few filming locations of the series Outlander. I’ve mentioned the series before on my blog, as I love it. The first one we’ve been to was Lallybroch, home of Jamie Fraser. If you watched the series you will love this post, if you didn’t watch the series… do it, it’s fab.

I have to say it was a strange feeling to visit it, a place I recognized immediately, but that I never saw before.

There is a small fee of £2 per person and the car park is free. The fee must be paid before going to the castle, at Hopetoun Farm Shop. The farm shop is lovely, I will blog about it in a separate post. There are plenty of fresh produce, gifts and treats.


The real place is Midhope Castle, part of Hopetoun estate that incorporates also Hopetoun House and Hopetoun Farm shop. Hopetoun House is closed for Winter for the public, it appeared in the Outlander series too, as the home of the Duke of Sandringham, a French street and a sword fight. Midhope Castle is the external location for the fictional Lallybroch. The interior is derelict and it can’t be visited.

Midhope is a 15th century castle. In late 16th century, the tower and turrets were rebuilt and a date stone containing the initials of the owners commemorates this. In 1664 the present doorway is made. After 14 years, the following owner made more modifications by removing an entrance tower, building an extension to the east and a new doorway was added along with a small courtyard. The castle is lived in and it’s well kept. In Victorian times, in 1851, according to the census, 53 people were living around Midhope. In the 20th century, between the two World Wars, the castle is deteriorating. In 1988 restoration work is made, the roof is refurbished and some of the windows. In 2013, the castle is chosen as the filming location of Lallybroch. On the opposite side of the entrance there are private houses and there is a farm yard only a few meters away.


I think the entrance is superb. I can understand why Midhope was picked as a filming location. The entrance is big enough to be a statement, but small enough for a 18th century Laird.




I loved visiting the castle. It was the first time I’ve visited a filming location and it was amazing.


Did you see Outlander?

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  1. I don’t know of the series but rather strangely I’ve been reading about tower houses on my course this week so to see one in your pics has been super. It’s a beautiful building.

  2. Wow it’s great to see a place you have only seen on tv in real life, what and amazing experience.

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