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April 2023

russia has decided to go full-ISIS and showed the beheading of an Ukrainian POW. At around the same time, Pernod Ricard said they are resuming exports to russia. If you are as shocked and angered about this as I am, read the b4ukraine statement and boycott Pernod Ricard brands (best known are): Malibu; Ballantine’s; Chivas; Beefeater; Jameson; Havana Club; Absolut; Campo Viejo; Jacob’s Creek; Clan Campbell.
I am buying Australian, American, Italian, or Spanish wines, but mostly Australian. If you know the weapons deliveries to Ukraine, it would not be surprising. I bought Ukrainian vodka too.
We all have the power to buy from brands and states that have the same moral values as us. I know so much about what the russians are doing in Ukraine, saw so many stories, read so much about their crimes, that any brand associated with russia that I know about will be boycotted by me.

My April was busy, I finished all my assignments. I still have the dissertation to upload, but it’s done. I still faff around it a bit, to change some words and so on, but it’s pretty much done. I’m happy with them, now I’m waiting for the feedback, although there is a marking ban by teachers, so I’m not sure what will happen. A round-up of my last year will follow soon.


To relax we’ve went on to visit nearby stately homes and we also went to the Jousting event in Leeds. I will blog next month about Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, Dorfold Hall, and Capesthorne as I didn’t have the chance this month. I did blog about these two churches, the left is Siddington Church, from 1521, and on the right is Marton Church, from 14th century.


I mentioned the Jousting. This is such an amazing event during Easter in Leeds. It’s worth travelling there for the day or the weekend. This year we’ve only attended one day (out of 4), but I hope someday we will have more time to attend all days.

Piece Hall in Halifax

We also travelled to Halifax for a day and spent most of it in this Italian-looking Piece Hall. It was so wonderful. I had a great time.


1. Broccoli bought because someone in front forgot to get it. 2. Cute friendly cat on our walk. 3. Off to London. 4. Piece Hall in Halifax. 5. Archives. 6. Flowers in my garden. 7. Shopping for groceries. 8. Simnel Cake. 9. Jousting. 10. Reading. 11. When you are in the final year at university. 12. Flowers. 13. Whiskey. 14. Baking day. 15. Started reading To Dream of Shadows by Steve N Lee. 16. Bowl, mostly healthy. 17. Walk. 18. Tea and vegan cakes (at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, on the following day). 19. Elizabeth Gaskell’s House. 20. Rapeseed (from the following day). 21. Nursery stop, to get plants. 22. Feast at home. 23. Siddington Church. 24. Bridge. 25. Dorfold Hall. 26. Flowers from yesterday. 27. Returning books to university, by post. 28. For the first time, the pear tree is in bloom. 29. Made from plants, not from ass! 30. Books in April.


I finished 8 books in April, a fascinating mix of non-fiction and fiction. I read The Burden and To Dream of Shadows, two very different novels. First was good, but too many themes covered and that is why it got only 3 stars, and the second one is one of the most interesting topics I’ve read. It’s a love story between and SS and a Jew in a camp, which was inspired by real events. It’s a must read if you like WWII stories.

The non-fiction are mostly history for my studies, but ones I would recommend to anybody. Kovalevski was a White russian who fought against the bolsheviks for his country, he was also an imperialist. A fascinating memoir, with a very good introduction (75 pages) setting up the historical context. The Balic States history is short, 200 pages, so it’s really good for someone who wants to visit the area or just to know a bit more about these three states. Spaniards was another book for university, I’ve enjoyed it. Chesher wrote a travel guide with a bit of a difference, focusing on the less known parts of London.
Finally, Sex by Numbers, by my favourite statistician, David Spiegelhalter. It covers so many themes, but stays away from the darker parts (sex violence in war, paedophilia). If you wondered why the sex ratio boys to girls differ, in which month are more children born, if the birth month might affect your chances of getting into Oxbridge, and how many times people have sex, this is the book for you.

Books I read in April:
Memoir of Kitty Wilkinson – 5 stars (not widely available)
The Burden by Agatha Christie – 3 stars
An Anti-Communist on the Eastern Front by Vladímir Kovalevski – 5 stars
To Dream of Shadows by Steve N Lee – 5 stars
A History of the Baltic States by Andres Kasekamp – 5 stars
Creating Spaniards by Sandie Holguín – 5 stars
London by Jack Chesher – 3.5 stars
Sex by Numbers by David Spiegelhalter – 5 stars

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  1. That’s horrifying about Russia beheading a Ukrainian POW. I don’t buy any of the brands mentioned but good to have the heads up about boycotting them. Good luck with the marks for your assignments. Those two churches are pretty and the jousting event looks interesting. You always have such an interesting selection of books. I like the sound of ‘To Dream of Shadows’. #project365

    1. The war is less covered in media for some reason. It is still raging and people are dying. Yesterday I saw incredibly sad imagines with a child crying at the funerals of his brother and sister (all under 18), killed by russian bombs while they were sleeping in their beds.

      Thank you xx

  2. That place in Halifax looks amazing. I love watching jousting although haven’t been for a long time. Glad you’ve got your dissertation done.

    1. I don’t know exactly. There will be delays in receiving the marks for the assignments, but I’m not sure who is going to mark them as all my teachers are in the union. Also, it’s my final year, so I am booked for the ceremony, but I’m not sure when I’ll receive my grades, it must be before that. It’s a bit crazy. :))

    1. I hope I will be able to attend all 4 days, as there is training and jousting, the events are slightly different and all fun.
      It was a great month indeed. xx

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