Christmas 2023

Christmas 2023, a quick update from me detailing the gifts and food we had.

Christmas gifts

I will start with the gifts. These are mine. I love the marble chess, it was bought from an antique shop. I noticed it in the window and my husband went to buy it a few days later. We are picking now a new table for the chess set that will fit nicely in the living room.


I love the little Wedgwood cup too. This is too from a antique shop. I love these Jasper cup. I am also very found of the “Reading is my Therapy” mug too. I can say I collect mugs as I have loads, which I am using. The Oriel College history book was on my list of things to get, but my husband got it for me before I did. With an almost 700 years history, the book is rather long, as expected.

Christmas gifts

For my husband I got things he likes, like the truffle oil set, a shaving bar, the chocolate he likes, tea, and, the best ones were a scarf with his initials (I blurred them) and a specially made cufflinks set with his initials (I blurred those too, obviously). I am very happy with how both look and he loved them.


This funny gnome with boobs is an impulse purchase from Wales. We saw them in a gift shop in our trip to Wales earlier this month and thought these gnomes were hilarious. So, I bought one on my own. After we came back, my husband said that we should have bought a gnome because it was funny, so he was very happy to see that I did get one.


I got for my husband a Saint Javelin T-shirt last year and this year we’ve decided to get matching T-shirts. We were very happy and we will wear them again and again, of course. I am wearing quite often my Saint Javelin or NAFO T-shirts, even at university. The only one I am not taking to university is the “russian warship go fuck yourself”, but the rest are appropriate.


Now food. I made this spirulina wreath bread and it turned out beautifully. I didn’t add any food colouring. It’s all in the food supplement. In the bowl is beetroot houmous, again, without any food colouring. We also had avocado houmous.


I got three types of cheese, vegan chorizo, two types of chutneys.

no-pigs in blankets

We also had a mix of olives and two types of no-pigs in blankets.


For main we had purple carrots, parsnip, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, gravy, and a no-lamb roast. The roast was made by a local vegan business. It was lovely and very well made. We also got a no-ham roast for later.


We had a mix of pickles. I had pickle okras because I love them so much. We also had pickled watermelon, gherkins, and green tomatoes.


For dessert we had a chocolate cake from M&S, quite big, and we had tried some of the gifts we had. I also baked a Cozonac (sweet loaf filled with Turkish delight and cashew – usually it is made with walnuts, but had none, so I used cashew instead).

How was your Christmas?

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  1. Your Christmas sounds lovely. I especially love the Jasperware cup and the puzzle. That chess set is beyond beautiful! It looks like a lovely holiday with beautiful gifts shared by you both and delicious food, too!

  2. I love your wedgewood cup! I really enjoyed visiting their factory/museum in Stoke when I was young- would love to go now as an adult! The chess set is really beautiful.
    Your food looks amazing- all the Vegan food looks fantastic! I would love to try the vegan roast- what is it made out of?

  3. It goes without saying, your food looks delicious! I’m sure I would enjoy all of it. Fun gifts all around, too. That chess set is gorgeous! I’ve never heard the term “Jasper cup”. Is that referring to the Wedgewood or the cute reading mug? I looks like y’all had a great holiday!

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