Bonfire night

We went for the fireworks display at Sefton Park, as we did in the last 3 years. It is impressive, as it lasts almost 20 minutes and there are so many people, it’s very nice. But, on our way to the park we saw a real bonfire, so hubby turned the car and we went to enjoy a huge bonfire.

bonfire night 01

It was the biggest that I’ve seen so far. I think it was organized by the people who live there, lovely.

bonfire night 2014 02

bonfire night liverpool 03

We’ve stayed for a couple of minutes, as we were in a hurry to get to the park. We know from experience that we’ll not be able to find a parking space near the park gates, as it is so crowded. On our way there, we’ve seen a couple of pumpkins that inspired us for next year.

bonfire night 04

We arrived early in the park, so we went for a walk and we found an ice cream truck.

bonfire night 05

bonfire night 06

Getting ready to see the show.

bonfire night 07

bonfire night liverpool 2014 08

bonfire night sefton park 2014 09

bonfire night liverpool sefton park 10

bonfire night 11

bonfire night 2014 12

bonfire night firework display liverpool 13

bonfire night fireworks display sefton park 14

bonfire night fireworks display sefton park liverpool 15