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I wouldn’t have imagined to start my Good things post with a rant about B&Q, but well… this is what I’m going to talk about in the next paragraph. If you were not involved in this, the story will seem funny.


1. Buying stilts for the loft. So, on Saturday, hubby and I went to B&Q to buy loft panels and stilts to sort out a part of the loft as we don’t have enough storage space left. I took 60 stilts and we went to the counter. An old lady was in queue behind us and hubby told her she could get in front as she had only a couple of items. She said “it’s fine, the cashier will not count each stilt”. Well, the cashier said she has to scan every stilt. I thought she was joking. We put all 60 stilts on the counter, she scanned them and when I got in the car I thought there is something wrong with the receipt. It was. The total should have been a round number as they had an offer: buy 12 for £15. There were only 59 stilts and this meant we didn’t get the offer. Basically we’ve paid more (almost £5 more) for 59 instead of what we would have paid for 60.
Hubby went to talk at the returns and the other lady said she has to scan all of them again. When hubby got back to the car and told me I said he was joking, he wasn’t. We took out of the car all the stilts and I counted them again, they were 60. We went in with a trolley full to the top with stilts and waited for the lady to count screws that were returned (OMG!). She counted the stilts and said “You know that there are only 59.” I replied that I counted them and there are 60. She counted them again saying the numbers out loud and finally someone at B&Q realized that for the past 40 minutes we were trying to buy 60 stilts! The sense of achievement I felt was incredible.
After another 10-15 minutes the receipt was sorted and the manager came to talk with us about our complaint. I inquired if they are doing this so people don’t steal. He replied that the cashier had to scan all the stilts so they don’t miss one… It was funny and incredible annoying at the same time. And the story is not over… we bought 60 for a part of the loft, but we need more… many more…

2. Valentine’s Day. This one is obvious. 🙂

3. Finishing a short fitness challenge. I’m going to talk more about the challenge these days. It was a challenge I made up myself and it was fun and I had great results.

4. Cookies. I tried a new recipe for cookies for Valentine’s Day and I loved it. They were soft and full of flavour. I took only one picture, so I’ll have to bake another batch to share the recipe.

5. The dog. He is funny, after a week away in holiday, sleeping most of the day, playing and chewing bones, he is so tired that he might need another holiday.

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  1. I would have been so annoyed in B&Q, I think its sometimes just the cashiers being a jobsworthy to be honest! Congrats on finishing the fitness challenge xx

  2. I agree with these good things except valentines day, I just don’t see the point in it personally

  3. Haha oh no about B+Q what a pain!! Maybe online is the answer?! Get them to count the stilts!! Valentines day was definitely a nice day this weekend!

  4. They do have a knack to have some silly people in B&Q who have to do jobs worth. Why can’t they scan one and put on till x 60

  5. That seems so ridiculous about the stilts! It seems like she could have counted them by hand and then put in a total. What a mess!

  6. Your trip to B&Q sounds so frustrating. When I worked in retail I would never scan items multiple times. For instance there was a customer who was organising a music event and he bought over 100 bottles of Coke. I would have been there for years try to scan all of those through, not to mention the strain of my arms!

    I’m glad that you had a nice Valentine’s day though. 🙂

  7. I am going to start setting myself some small fitness challenges. I am so unfit, but I find it hard to find the time to exercise

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