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Dino Falls Adventure Golf

Dino Falls Adventure Golf is near intu Trafford and Chill FactorE. They have two 18-hole adventure golf courses – Rapids and Volcano – both really fun to complete. When we went there earlier this week they had an offer, half price for the second course, so we did both. Interestingly, they are open from 7am to 10:30pm each day, meaning that in the evenings the lights are on for playing. That is surely something I would love to do.

Dino Falls Adventure Golf

There is also American golf if you want to try something else and also a cafe for relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea. The attention to details in making this golf course is fantastic, the plants are appropriate, the bins are fun, the dinosaurs are moving and there are details about them dotted around the park, see a picture of a plaque further below, and much more.

golf course

The decor is really fun.


This is a waterfall, there is also a green stream of water, and, of course, the red volcano.


The path is nicely decorated too with footprints and fern fossils.


red waterfall

green stream

details on dinos

detail of the course at Dino Falls Adventure Golf

Both courses have structures that you need need to go through.

behind the waterfall



 playing golf

The prices are great too, at £9 for adults, with discount for students (yay!), and, as I said, the second one is half price on the day. Because it is so nicely made it is great for couples on a date or family fun in the weekend. Have you been to Dino Falls?

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  1. As you mentioned to Kelly, we seem to have an abundance of crazy / mini / adventure golf courses, here in the UK, although many of them are really dire and not worth the money they charge to play.

    “Dino Falls” definitely looks to be a notch above the normal and is more reminiscent of the quality I have come to expect from a Disney World equivalent course.

    Looks like great fun, it’s a shame it is so far away from Somerset!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Here in the Liverpool-Manchester area they are not too bad, many of them are junkyard golf, so graffiti and cars are to be expected, but look as they should for the theme. The Dino Falls is indeed very nice, the dinosaurs are moving, the details are great and the course is very well maintained, I was very happy with it.
      If you are looking for a holiday this summer, why not the north west? I am always saying that though. :))

  2. It’s been several years since I played miniature golf (or putt putt, as we often call it) and I always enjoy it… even if I’m not very good. Add dinosaurs and volcanos to the mix and it sound like even more fun!

    1. Aww, putt putt, that sounds funny. :)) We have a lot of crazy/junk-yard golf courses and I like them, but this one was very special, as it is so unusual in its theme.

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