May 2022

Eurovision. It’s not something I thought I will talk about, but I watch it because I was curious to see what Ukraine will do with that gorgeous Stefania, what a beautiful song. I voted for it and I’m glad they won. What I will talk about is Moldova’s entry, Trenuleţul, which I voted for too. […]


My garden in May

These pictures were taken a few days ago. The garden is looking more bright with flowers starting to bloom. I’ve added a few more alliums in the garden and they are starting to bloom too, so beautiful to see. Enjoy the pictures! The pigeon waits for the feed station to be refilled. He/she gets scared […]


Tatton Mansion

Today I am sharing pictures from Tatton Mansion, a must see place near Manchester. Enjoy! lift sleight door with mock books, for the library it had heating and it was not exactly safe to use train tracks for coal, something I haven’t seen before

tofish & chips

Unity Diner, London

Unity Diner is a vegan restaurant in London which is a must for anyone who loves fish & chips, but without the killing of fish part. Founded in September 2018, Unity Diner makes a difference in many ways. One of the friends who started this endeavour is vegan educator Earthling Ed. This is a for-profit […]

Dino Falls Adventure Golf

Dino Falls Adventure Golf

Dino Falls Adventure Golf is near intu Trafford and Chill FactorE. They have two 18-hole adventure golf courses – Rapids and Volcano – both really fun to complete. When we went there earlier this week they had an offer, half price for the second course, so we did both. Interestingly, they are open from 7am […]

My 2022 TBR List #1

My 2022 TBR List #1

My 2022 TBR List #1 is a sort of a wishlist, as I am not sure I will read all these books completely in the next 2-3 months, mainly because I have other books to read, for university and because I never stick to a determined list of books, but change my mind depending on […]