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Short holiday in London

This week we had a short holiday in London; 3 days of visiting, it was  bliss. This year we’ve been to London in May and February, but just for one day and we couldn’t see a lot of things. Now we took advantage of the time we had to properly visit locations we’ve  seen for just half an hour before.

In a uncharacteristic way for me, I didn’t make a plan with what we were going to see and I missed a museum that I would love to visit and could, with better organization. It will remain on my bucket list until next time. I hope we’ll have another city break to London this year, but it depends on the time we have and I want to go on a camping trip in Cumbria or somewhere north also.

04 Short holiday in London

This week was the commemorative event for the 7/7 attacks. I was in the car, listening to the radio when it was the moment of silence. I thought I would like to see the memorial in Hyde Park, the 52 stainless steel pillars for the 52 innocent people killed in 4 bombing attacks in the underground.

I didn’t understand how real the terrorism is before moving to UK. It doesn’t make me avoid anything, I’ve used exactly the same routes as the ones in the bombing because that was the easiest way to get to where we wanted to go. I go to events that attract a lot of people and can also attract terrorists. I can’t really describe how it makes it different, maybe a thought for the people who died crosses my mind or a thought that we should enjoy life more.

01 Short holiday in London

02 Short holiday in London

03 Short holiday in London

05 Short holiday in London

06 Short holiday in London

07 Short holiday in London

We used the tube Tuesday and Wednesday until the strike changed our plans. On Thursday we had to park near the centre and walk as I am not very keen on buses. We had a great few days and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve seen. I’m going to make a post for every place we’ve visited and post them a few days apart.
I liked London, as I always do, but I would never want to live there as is so crowded and the traffic is horrible. Is great hubby is a very good driver and he avoided at least 3 collisions. Things like this make me appreciate more the fact that I’m working from home and I don’t have to spend so much time on the way to work.

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  1. I live in London – you kind of become immune to most of the frustrating things visitors hate, though ofc, we there are occasions when it’s worse than normal, then we all have a good grumble about it too 🙂 I’m glad I was out of the country for the last tube strike as it sounded pretty bad.

    We do have so many wonderful, beautiful, interesting, historical things that make the frustrations worthwhile though – and I always love reading about people’s visits here, so looking forward to reading the rest of your posts 🙂


  2. I love London and visit it a lot, usually to shop. I’m with you though, I couldn’t live there. Nice post, a lovely mention to the survivors of 7/7.

    Kay xx

  3. It looked like chaos in London when the tube strikes were on but it’s still a great city.

    Katie x

  4. Such a poignant post – I didn’t know about the memorial to 7/7 but think I would like to visit and show my respects next time I’m in town.

    I agree, London is MANIC – we use the tube/walk whenever we visit. I do like visiting but anything longer than 3-4 days is usually too much for me and I yearn for quiet suburban life again!

    Thanks for linking to #traveltales

    1. I prefer the quiet too. London is great will all it has to offer, but it’s so busy 🙂

      Thank you for hosting the linky xx

  5. I’m so glad you had a great time despite the tube strike – not the day to see London at its best! I do love living here and can’t quite imagine moving anywhere else. I haven’t actually visited the memorial myself but I should – I travelled a lot more by tube around the time of the attacks and it was very strange but I’m glad Londoners refused to be put off. #traveltales

  6. Sorry you came when there was a strike on as that made the traffic horrendous! I live in London and love it. There is always so much to do and there are also little spaces to be calm – honestly! #traveltales

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sarah x
      I agree, there are so many things to do and see. Now I’m making a list with what I want to see for our next trip.

  7. I loathe and love London at the same time – the traffic and the crowds make it unbearable but the history, architecture and everything that makes it London makes it amazing. The memorial looks fantastic and like you I have travelled the routes of terrorism and at times where terrorists have struck but you have to carry on.

    1. Thank you Cerys. If we are afraid of terrorism they win and I don’t want them to win.

    1. Thank you Kezzie xx The traffic annoys me so much, always did. I’m so happy I don’t have to leave home to go to work. Although, working from home has its downsides too.

  8. Glad you managed to navigate the city despite the tube strike! It’s such a shame it happened a day after the network was crippled by the terrorist attacks and I’m saddened the unions didn’t think the respect the week, but hey ho!

  9. How lovely to have a city break there, glad you had a nice time! Looking forward to all your posts 🙂 every time I go to London I feel so refreshed and happy, and I try to go as often as I can x

    1. Thanks xx I love going to London too, there are so many things I want to do and see 🙂

  10. I’ve not had a chance to see London properly but would love to! I seem to just have random fly in visits!

    Corinne x

  11. I haven’t been to London for a few years but there is always so much to do! I prefer to walk when I’m in the big smoke as I think too many people try to cram on to the tube! Can’t wait to read about the rest of your break!

    1. Thanks x I see more things by walking, so I prefer it too, especially in the centre.

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