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Today’s topic for Blog everyday in November is Home Sweet Home. I love my home, I feel I was lucky to see it marketed when I did. Hubby loved it, I loved it and it was a project. We’ve decided we want to buy it at the first viewing, we put an offer that week, it was accepted and after “only” 5 and a half months it was ours.

I didn’t take pictures of the home as I still have a few small things to arrange, but I will show my rooms pretty soon. I wrote about my home a few times and this will be a round-up of the things I talked about before.

This is my garden, pictures of before & after. I think it looks perfect and the way we’ve arranged it works great for our lifestyle.

My kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in the house. It’s small, but we’ve spent lots of time thinking of how we want everything to be and it is really great. I have my jars and my decal saying: “Life is short, eat dessert first”.

I’m thinking of adding a new shelf for more spices.



In the living room I have a Secret behind the mirror, an amazing bookshelf (pictures to come) and everything else is nice and pretty (beside the old sofa that we need to change after we can finally find one that we both like and it’s faux leather and white).


This is a teaser of the bookshelves. A picture of an orchid I posted on Instagram a week ago.


Upstairs we have the master bedroom with my wonderful shoe-shelves and a build-in wardrobe. The bathroom and the spare room that we use as office/work room.


This is my home and it can’t be a sweeter feeling to live here.

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  1. I love looking around houses and I adore all those neat jars! I really want my kitchen to be like that.

  2. Beautiful home. I can tell you and your husband really poured your hearts into making it your own.


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