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Axe Throwing

What can be more romantic for Valentine’s Day than to go Axe Throwing in Manchester at Whistle Punks ( Well, I imagine most women (and a lot of men) would reply with something else, but not us. I saw axe throwing in the south, when I was looking for things to do/see in our holiday, but decided against it. But when I discovered that we can do that in Manchester, I immediately showed my husband and he was just as eager to try it. So, we booked tickets for Valentine’s Day. The tickets were a bit more pricey than unusual, but it was a special occasion and we also got a chocolate axe to enjoy at home.

We got there around 20 minutes before our slot, but there is a bar serving non-alcoholic drinks and there are a lot of games around the room, for customers to play. We’ve had a bit of fun while waiting, playing three games, including mini table tennis for like 2 minutes, during which I managed to hit both two neighbours with the ball, so we’ve stopped. There is a limit to how many “sorry”s one can say without becoming annoying.

Axe throwing

We’ve started with a basic do-not-hit-yourself-in-the-head-with-the-axe session. After that, we’ve started practising. I imagined it will be fun and easy. It was fun, but it was not easy at all. I was incredibly poor at axe throwing. It came as a surprise, when I did so good at other activities, like shooting an AK47 (replica, of course).

Axe throwing event

After our practice sessions, we’ve started a match. I was the last one in the score! The guy that was showing us how to throw did his best and I did pay attention, but the axe refused to hit the target (it’s not like I’m going to say it was my fault for not making it stick, my axe had a mind of its own).

Target at Whistle Punks

Because it was Valentine’s Day, the targets had lovely heart-shapped bulls eyes, very appropriate. I thought it was a nice touch.

Decor at Whistle Punks

I would recommend axe throwing as a fun activity. I’ve had a wonderful time despite me being so poorly at it.

Chocolate axe at Whistle Punks

What we left with, a very cute chocolate axe.

If you want to try axe throwing at Whistle Punks, check their website. They are located in Manchester in Great Northern Warehouse, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EN. They also have a location in London and another one in Birmingham.

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  1. This sounds amazing! My boyfriend and I will be heading to October in Manchester, so I’m definitely adding this to our lost of things to do.

  2. This is such a fun and unusual activity to do for Valentine’s day! And I love the heart shapes in the target, and of course the chocolate axe is a fun treat to bring back home. I’m not surprised that you found it difficult actually, I’d probably score just like you – it takes a lot of technique to do it right I guess! But the most important thing is that you had fun 🙂

    Julia x

  3. I think this looks like great fun! I’m also glad to see there’s no alcohol served. We’re big into shooting sports and I’m a firm believer that alcohol and guns (or knives… or axes!) don’t mix. (or cars, for that matter, but that should be a given)

    The chocolate axe is a nice added bonus. 🙂

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