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Road trip in White Peak

A few days ago we’ve been on a road trip for hubby’s name day (he is named after a saint and on that saint’s day is his name day).

01 Road trip in White Peak
I wanted to use the guide I bought from TK Maxx a few weeks ago and hubby likes driving and exploring new places, so a road trip was perfect for a few hours out. We had to work and we left the house quite late for a day trip.

We’ve decided to take the shorter loop on the White Peak, the southern part of the Peak District. The tour started in Leek, a market town in Staffordshire. Leek is bigger than I anticipated, is an ancient town, from 1214. This town is famous for its double sunset, a phenomenon that can be observed if there aren’t any clouds around the summer solstice, more details on wikipedia.

02 Road trip in White Peak
The Church of St Edward the Confessor was founded in 1042 and it’s a Grade II listed building.

03 Road trip in White Peak

The church was closing when we arrived and we couldn’t visit it. We went to the Brindley Water Mill, another attraction in Leek. The mill is a working museum and there are corn grinding demonstrations. As we wanted to see more things, we didn’t visit it this time.

04 Road trip in White Peak

05 Road trip in White Peak
On the way to the museum we passed by these deliciously looking blackberries.

06 Road trip in White Peak
I thought hubby is taking a nice picture. I couldn’t wait, so I can grab a blackberry, but my greed is now in the picture for all to see.

07 Road trip in White Peak
This is the water stream used for the water mill.

08 Road trip in White Peak

We went back to the town centre where we parked and we had a stroll on the streets.

09 Road trip in White Peak

The buildings are beautiful, there is a hotel built in 1626, an old pub. There was a market with fruits, veggies and household items. We had to stop at the bakery to get some desserts for the picnic.

10 Road trip in White Peak

We left Leek and we head up to Rudyard, only a few miles away. We parked at the Rudyard Lake Steam Railway and went on a walk to find the perfect spot for the picnic.

11 Road trip in White Peak

12 Road trip in White Peak

13 Road trip in White Peak
On a bridge I saw stairs that lead to a pasture. We decided we can make the picnic there.

14 Road trip in White Peak
We had a home-made mini loaf of bread and olives marinated by us. But the humous was bought from Sainsbury’s, as I didn’t find the time to cook before leaving home. The desserts were the ones we’ve got from Leek and they were really delicious. I love independent bakeries found in towns, they have lovely desserts, better than the ones from the supermarkets.

15 Road trip in White Peak
We had our lunch and we went back to the railway.

16 Road trip in White Peak

17 Road trip in White Peak
Next stop was Rudyard Lake. Rudyard Kipling’s parents met here and named him after the lake.

18 Road trip in White Peak

The beauty of driving on backroads is that we can see beautiful things (mostly me because hubby is very busy with his driving). Usually I admire landscapes and houses and green fields, but sometimes we can see things like this stream passing through the middle of the road. We saw Mow Cop, but that will be in another post and the last stop was the Bleeding wolf.

19 Road trip in White Peak
It looks like it’s a few hundred years old, but in fact the pub was built in 1936. That is impressive.

This is where our journey finished, only half-way through the loop. I had no idea there will be so many things to see in small towns and villages. It was lovely and I can’t wait for our next road trip.

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  1. I love Leek, we were there just the other day and then passed by Rudyard Lake. My stepson plays at a boy’s house that overlooks the lake – nice view! Market day in Leek is good with all the antiques.

    1. It was market day in Leek, lots of antiques and interesting items. Having a house with a view of the lake must be amazing, the landscape is stunning.

  2. Beautiful, dreamy photos of your road trip! Everything looks so amazing. I would so eat up those berries! Yum! They are so pretty too. 🙂 Have a fun day!

    xo, Bry

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time! It’s lovely that you and your hubby make all these trips together. In Finland name days are celebrated, too, it’s cool that we share that. I love the photos you took, especially of the cute little duck and the cows on the hillside! Thanks for sharing, hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday weekend 😉 x

    1. I wasn’t aware there are name days in northern countries, is lovely to know we share ideas without realizing it. Thank you x

  4. Your bread and olives looks tasty! It looks like you had a great time! Ha ha, re the blackberries, that’d be me!x

  5. Gosh, it really looks beautiful there! My mum was looking for a play for us all to go, and this looks like a place she and my dad would really enjoy. The church looks beautiful, it’s amazing how these buildings have lasted!

    1. It was beautiful, is a lovely area. I am fascinated by buildings that lasted for so many years, nearly 1,000. The skills of the workers is impressive and surviving wars and the dissolution is very impressive too.

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