Vegan leather jacket

Hubby surprised me when he phoned and said he bought something for me. I had no idea what he bought, I assumed it was something to eat. I wouldn’t have imagined he went to TKMaxx and discovered this amazing vegan leather jacket there. He obviously knew that I don’t wear real leather as I haven’t done so in years, even before becoming vegetarian.

01 Vegan leather jacket

I was delighted when I saw it. I tried it on and it looked fab. So I took a picture to share it on Instagram and told him that I want a photo shoot.

This wall is close to home and I think it makes a perfect background for photo shoots. While the location is good for taking pictures, it’s so crowded. It was funny that so many cars drove past and it seems that everybody wanted to see what we were doing. This is the reason I’m laughing in almost all the pictures. I might do other photoshoots here as it’s close and I like the wall too as a background.

Cavalini wine Vegan leather jacket

The jacket fits great and I think it’s great that hubby found my size. The jacket is Cavalini, colour wine.

I love so much the way it looks on me that I will most likely wear it in London when I’ll go there in a few days. Hopefully the weather will be as nice as it was today. It has 4 pockets and they are great to keep a few business cards and my Oyster card.

Cavalini Vegan leather jacket

04 Vegan leather jacket

05 Vegan leather jacket

06 Vegan Cavalini leather jacket

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  1. Well! Anca! It’s so neat to be “meeting” you!

    Thank you for linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories Link Up. Since then, I’ve read about how you met your hubby and a bit more about you too. This is really sweet that he brought this jacket home for you. What a kind gesture. Here’s a double, but I love your love story. It’s quite special. I’m happy to be connected with you.

    Sincerely, Ann

  2. Love it. Had no idea about leather and the implications of how it could hurt animals. Regardless, it’s a beautiful jacket and you look stunning in it!

  3. Isn’t it great having a jacket that isn’t black? The wine colour looks great on you.
    The wall made me laugh as only two posts ago I did photos against a fence pretty much the same colour as your wall! They are good backdrops, aren’t they?

  4. What a lovely gift! I can’t believe it’s vegan, it looks so like leather. And I love the colour!x

  5. Ahh, you look gorgeous, Anca!!! How sweet of your hubby to surprise you. Vegan leather looks great, if only people knew how good it looks they would never bother buying real leather again 🙂 x

  6. You look lovely, the jacket really suits you!
    Amazing that it’s vegan – I need one 🙂


  7. What a fabulous jacket! I love the colour!! And your hubby is just so lovely! What a find! <3 x

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