May. A collage of daily pictures, taken in May


This month a very important thing happened, on the 2nd, but I’m not yet ready to talk about it (see the picture with the Champagne bottle) in the round-up. A few other things happened this month, I’ve shared pictures of my newly renovated home office. I’ve attended BlogOn and I’ve won 2nd place in a […]

Gaia - A replica of Earth


Last year I’ve been to see the Museum of the Moon, a replica of the Moon. Check that post if you haven’t seen it before. This year a new event takes place in Liverpool and we were able to admire a Giant Earth, called Gaia (Earth in Greek Mythology). Gaia is brought here for the […]

Buckt May

Buckt May

Buckt is a subscription box that includes 5 different activities each month and this month I’m reviewing it again*. Have a look at my post with details about the subscription, including pictures of the box. Today I’m reviewing the Buckt May box, for Greater Manchester. They offer a similar box for Greater Birmingham. Also, you […]

Cat sleeping at Cat Café Liverpool

Cat Café Liverpool

You might have seen this picture on my Instagram account a few days ago, along with a couple more from an amazing new cafe. I’ve been to Cat Café Liverpool, after visiting their Manchester location for a couple of times. We’ve ended up there by chance. My husband and I were in the city centre, […]

LightNight Barat Dance

LightNight 2019

Since I’ve been for the first time to LightNight in 2012, I’ve been attending the event each year. So, today, I’m going to share my thoughts and some pictures from LightNight 2019. LightNight is an annual event in Liverpool, when museums and art galleries, along Universities open their doors for exciting new activities, talks, crafts, […]

Shugborough - outside the main house


Last weekend I’ve been to Shugborough with my husband. We’ve had a lovely day out and now is time to share some pictures from there. It was a sunny and warm day, perfect for a day out. There are lots of walks on the estate, but we didn’t have time for long walks. We’ve decided […]

Ethnic Foods

Ethnic Foods

I love trying all sort of different foods, so today I will blog about ethnic foods. If you’ve just started following me, you might not be aware that I’m doing a food challenge called Taste the World. That means I’m cooking a dish (or a few) from each part of the world. As the cuisines […]

Activities with Buckt - collage of 6 activities

Activities with Buckt

Last month I’ve made a list of the tickets included in the Buckt subscription box for April, but that was before I had the chance to do any of them, so this is a short update with the activities with Buckt done in April and so far in May. There are 5 activities in a […]



I wasn’t sure if I should attend BlogOn or not, as my husband and I had our wedding anniversary exactly that weekend. He said we can celebrate after the conference and insisted that I buy my ticket, if I want to. I did, so I got my ticket with only 1 ticket to spare, and […]