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Meols Hall

Meols Hall dates back to the 12th century and it is still a family home. The house has been in the Hesketh family for 27 generations, that’s really impressive.

Meols Hall front

The house was open for 2 days in May and it will be open for a month since mid-August. It is worth a visit and the village of Churchtown is amazing too, with lots of restaurants and pubs to get some drinks, a lovely hotel in a pub.

Wedding venue

This is the Tithe Barn, which is also available for wedding receptions and corporate events. Many families decided to open up for events and I think it’s a fantastic idea. The revenue is high and the disruption is minimal for the family, while a happy couple can celebrate in a stunning place and have a lot of privacy at the same time.

Meols Hall back

We visited the house, but we were not allowed to take pictures inside. While only the ground floor was open to the public, it is worth seeing. Especially as they have something remarkable there, the drawing room-library was built to house an old painting of one of their ancestors favourite horse. It’s a life-size painting, stunning in its detail. I loved that.

There are beautiful paintings to see and some guides that offer details on the family. This is the oldest manor house in Southport.


The park is open and, while the visitor area is quite small, it is lovely to see nevertheless.




Meols Hall from the park

Meols Hall is in Southport, Merseyside, PR9 7LZ.

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    1. I know, how amazing is that, to live in the same place for hundreds of years as a family. I loved to learn that about them.

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