This must be one of the most strangest months I’ve ever written about, starting with the Challenges of Government Conference, going on an amazing holiday visiting the Royal Pavilion, having a few cocktails at a cocktail masterclass, feeding crocodiles, and a farmer experience! It can’t get more random than that, can it? On the 1st […]

Lions enjoying the sun

Knowsley Safari Park – November

I had a very busy month, but still managed to see the animals at Knowsley despite them changing the opening times. Now it is closed Monday and Tuesday, and the last entry to the park is 3pm, unlike the summer time when it is 5 or 6. This time we took the car friendly route […]

map of UK

8th Anniversary

Two years ago, to mark my 6th year in UK I made a round-up of all the places I’ve been to. Funnily, it was a round number: 100, here is the post. I thought it would be nice to continue and last year I put 22 more flags on the map, here is the round-up. […]

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion

When I told friends that I’m going to Brighton, the first thing I heard was: The Royal Pavilion. Of course the Royal Pavilion was high on my list of things to see in Brighton. It is such an icon that it must be visited. I saw the Pavilion in TV documentaries, but I didn’t imagine […]

Ruins of Lewes priory

Lewes Priory & Lewes Castle

Lewes is a lovely little town with plenty of things to see, including Anne of Cleves House, Lewes Priory and Lewes Castle with Barbican House Museum, in the same location. I’ve decided to talk about both the castle and the priory in a single post, as I have a lot of posts waiting to be […]

Dinner set at the Michelham Priory

Michelham Priory

Michelham Priory is in East Sussex, a former Augustine Priory. Unlike most priories which are now in ruins, this one was turned into a country house. On their website they have a short essay about the history of the priory. I’m going to share a few highlights, but make sure you read it if you […]

Entrance to Anne of Cleves House Museum

Anne of Cleves House Museum

Anne of Cleves House Museum is a gorgeous 15th century timber-framed house in East Sussex. It is called Anne of Cleves House because it was part of the annulment settlement she received from King Henry VIII in 1541. She never lived in the property, so this post is more a pictures-only kind of post. They […]

Crocodiles Feeding experience

Crocodiles Feeding

Yesterday, for my birthday, my husband bought an experience for me to a zoo I’ve been to before, Crocodiles of the World, in 2014. I loved it and I said I want to do crocodiles feeding. The Crocodiles of the World zoo is only 30 minutes away from Oxford and I told my husband I […]

Cardiff Bay


It’s time for a round-up of the things I visited in Cardiff and, of course, to share some new pictures from the city. All the links in this post are towards other posts of mine, published previously. Cardiff – What to do In Cardiff we were able to race each other on a well-known track […]