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Vitamin B12 BetterYou

Today and tomorrow I’m going to talk about vitamins. I’m going to start with Vitamin B12 BetterYou*. It was the first time I’ve tried an oral spray vitamin supplement. BetterYou is an award winning brand of vitamin supplements. They work with institutions in UK and Europe to create these supplements. The Vitamin B12 BetterYou is made in UK and is approved by the Vegetarian Society. Furthermore, it is not tested on animals, and is vegan. Check their website ( for more details.

Vitamin B12 BetterYou oral spray

As a vegetarian, I heard many times that I might struggle with vitamin B12 intake as I don’t eat meat. Well, some omnivores can have vitamin B12 deficiency even though is quite easy to get it from food, considering that there is enough B12 in 2 eggs for the daily allowance. B12 is also found in cheese.

In the last years, I’ve gradually went for more vegan options. I’m not planning to go vegan, but I’m enjoying vegan food and, I might not get all the B12 vitamins I need every single day. So, I was keen on trying the Vitamin B12 BetterYou. It has a lovely apricot flavour and I like using the oral spray, is quite handy.

It is scientifically proven that oral spray is absorbed faster, because it bypasses the digestive system by going directly into the bloodstream.

Vitamin B12 BetterYou in Box

I was reading an article recently in which the author was brilliantly responding to a question most (I think all, but I can’t prove that, so I’m going to stick to most) vegan and vegetarians hear: “If you have to take supplements, how can you say that we were meant to be vegan?”
I’m sorry I didn’t save the link, because it was so clever. Well, first of all, my answer would be that we are not meant to do anything. We’ve evolved and our early ancestors were the ones that made it all the way into their teenager years and had babies that, in turn, reached their teenage years and went on to have babies, regardless of their diet.

At the moment, we all live longer and have more mentally demanding lives. We know better what is good for us and what can make us live longer, and, more importantly, to live that long life in a healthy, productive manner. Today we want to be able to enjoy our retirement years by being active. And we can pick the food we want to eat on moral grounds too. So, we can use the modern science and technology, not only by using laptops and phones, but by supplementing our diets with things that we might not get from food. Most omnivorous I know struggle getting their 5-a-day fruit and veggies, and don’t eat enough fibres.

If you are vegan or you are thinking of becoming vegan, make sure you know which supplements to take. Vitamin B12 isn’t found naturally in foods such as fruit, vegetables, and grains. More details are available on the websites of vegansociety and NHS.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to extreme tiredness, a lack of energy, psychological problems (like depression and confusion), problems with memory, understanding, and judgement.

Vitamin B12 BetterYou oral spray

Vitamin B12 BetterYou. Technical bits.

– Recommended: 4 sprays a day
– Pack contains 160 sprays
– 25ml
– Apricot flavour
– Vegan
– Once opened, use within 6 months
– Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight
– Made in UK

Should we supplement?
If you have a diversified diet that includes eggs and cheese daily, then you might not need it. But, if, like me, you are trying to cut on the animal products, then a supplement might be the way to go.
Even if you have an omnivorous diet, talk with your GP, and ask for details.

*PR sample. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh wow I’ve heard good things about these sprays and I really need to pick one up as I have had low Iron over the past few years even though I have a very veg & fruit based veggie diet – and I know b12 helps with Iron. Love that it comes in a fruity flavour

    Laura x

  2. I don’t really take supplements, I need to get better at it! Great post and food for thought x

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