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Stratford upon Avon

I have these pictures for a while now, but with work and other commitments I kept postponing showing them. Stratford upon Avon is well known because is the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Hubby and I didn’t study Shakespeare at school, but I read a couple of his plays as a teenager. I also read Lord Byron, Keats and my mother is found of Rudyard Kipling.
Earlier this month we’ve been to Birmingham and after a day working, I wanted to visit Starford upon Avon.

01 stratford upon avon
We started with Shakespeare’s birthplace. He lived here from birth until he was old enough to marry. He also spent the first five years of family life here with his wife, Anne Hathaway.

02 Stratford upon avon
Opposite the house is a Christmas shop that looked like it was from a fairy tale. It’s a shame it was closed, but we arrived in Straford at 6.30pm.

03 Stratford upon avon
We walked through the town, there are so many Tudor houses, it is a gem.

04 Stratford upon avon

05 Stratford upon avon
These Almshouses were built in early 15th century by the nearby church as homes for aged local people. From the 15th century to present day, the houses were used only for this purpose. I think it’s amazing they have the same purpose after more than 500 years.

06 Stratford upon avon
Hall’s Croft was the home of Susanna Shakespeare, the daughter, and her husband Dr John Hall, a wealthy physician.

07 Stratford upon avon
The church were Shakespeare’s grave is.

08 Stratford upon avon

09 Stratford upon avon
Before leaving Starford upon Avon, we went to see the house from the other side. It’s a shame we weren’t able to visit it, but I plan to visit it in the future.

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  1. Stratford upon Avon is a really beautiful town and definitely well worth exploring. We’ve been a handful of times, a couple of which it was the end point of narrow boat holidays so we stayed on a boat in the basin which was really special.

  2. I have always wanted to visit here, it looks lovely. Loving the doves on the church. Thanks for linking to #outandabout

  3. We went into the Christmas shop there over the summer and it felt very strange. Didn’t get to the church but next time…..there is always a next time isn’t there on these trips 🙂

    1. I was wondering if the shop is opened the whole year. I would like to visit it in the summer, although it must be strange, as you said.

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