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Cat Café Liverpool

You might have seen this picture on my Instagram account a few days ago, along with a couple more from an amazing new cafe. I’ve been to Cat Café Liverpool, after visiting their Manchester location for a couple of times. We’ve ended up there by chance. My husband and I were in the city centre, out shopping and with errands. So, when we were on Bold street, my husband asked me if I would like to go for a coffee at Cat Café.

Cat sleeping at Cat Café Liverpool

Obviously I said something like: “YES!!!!!” I was very pleased that we were allowed in quickly. As with the one in Manchester, you pay for the time you spend there and for any food you might like to buy. The drinks are included in the price. The fee is £1 for every 5 minutes. I like that a lot. I can stay as much or as little as I want, not being tied up to at least an hour. We were a bit pressed for time as well, as we had to keep in mind how much time we had on the clock for the car park. So, we’ve spent 30 minutes there, plenty of time to enjoy it though.

Cat asleep at Cat Café Liverpool. Collage of three pictures with her

I saw this cat near the entrance, she was sleeping. After that she moved on the 2nd floor, to sleep in this cat play area.

Cat Café Liverpool, first floor

There are cats everywhere, on each floor. Near the entrance is where customers order their drinks and food. It is served at the table afterwards.

Capuccino with a cat stencil on it

My husband got a capuccino with this gorgeous stencil on it. Isn’t it gorgeous? I had a black coffee.

Decor at Cat Café Liverpool

I mentioned before that the Cat Cafe in Liverpool is over multiple floors. The decor is gorgeous.

Sleeping cat at Cat Café Liverpool

Up there were more sleeping cats.

Cat playing at Cat Café Liverpool

But one was energetic and ready to play.

Cat playing at Cat Café Liverpool

My husband played with her and that play made her crazy, running around, jumping over one of the ladies having her coffee, and making a fuss. The lady had a triumphant look on her face (a bit smug as well), because the cat jumped over her. All of us had FOMO seeing that, for sure.

Cat at Cat Café Liverpool

Cat at Cat Café Liverpool

 Cat relaxing on the floor at Cat Café Liverpool

On our way out, we’ve seen another cat relaxing on the floor. It’s not like there were 10s of beds and comfy places for her to relax. Of course… considering there are approximately 3 beds to each cat… they spend their time on the floor or, like the other one, on a hard cupboard.

Cat relaxing at Cat Café Liverpool

Cat in the window at Cat Café Liverpool

When we left, we noticed the cat that was relaxing on the floor… was now in the window, looking at the people passing by. That’s the best way to advertise the cat cafe. After we took a couple of steps away from the window we’ve overheard people “awwww”-ing at the window.

Cat Café Liverpool is on 10 Bold St, L1 4DS. It is in the city centre, in a great location, close to public transport and lots of parking spaces. Check their website for more details and opening hours.

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  1. Such a great idea, can’t wait to visit one myself. Love that stencil on the drink super cute!

  2. How fun! I have always wanted to go to a cat cafe. There is one near us but you have to make an appointment and pay for an hour. That is a commitment. Someday I am sure we will go. The cat stencil in the capuccino is really cute. That cat in the window is such a beauty.

  3. I’ve heard about cat cafes and desperately want to visit one but never was near one while traveling and none here. I’d adore it! Your photos are terrific, Anca!

  4. Love all your photos!! Even though I’m a dog person at heart, I’ve developed a major fascination with cats (which all three of my kids have). I guess the price isn’t really that bad since it includes your beverage. How do they work that? One beverage per person, no matter how long you pay to stay?

    1. I’m a dog person too. 🙂
      A customer can order as many drinks as he/she wants, there isn’t a limit. The only thing to pay, in addition to the time, is for the food (toastie, cake).

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