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Inglenook Farm

This is the last post I’m making about local farms, from my Blogging Goals. I managed to go to a farm or mill each month, I got fresh lovely local produce and I also went to farms in Scotland and near London. It was a very enjoyable experience and I will continue going to local farms.
This month I’m going to talk about Inglenook Farm, a farm I’ve been to before for their lavender harvest. Unlike a regular farm, they are making essential oils. In the farm shop there are a few teas, nougat and chocolate to buy, but the most important things are the oils and the creams.

Last year I bought a face cream from them and I was delighted with it. I used it in the Winter months, it was nourishing and it kept my skin moisturised and healthy. I finished it and I went back to Inglenook to buy another one. They didn’t have my cream any more. So, instead, after chatting a lot with the lady that sells the oils, after looking at all their creams, I’ve decide to make my own cream.

It sounds complicated, I just got a cream-base for a night cream and another one for a day-cream. I also bought 2 essential oils, Bois de Rose and May Chang. Now the only thing that I have to do is to mix the oils into the cream. I didn’t get the chance of reading how much I should I add of each. The lady told me that I can add between 3 and 10 drops for the amount of cream I have.

For all these I paid £13. It’s less than a good face cream and I can use the remaining oils in some other way.

They have lots of oils, you can have a look on their oils website essenciaoils.

Inglenook Farm is on Moss Nook Lane, Rainford Bypass (A570), WA11 8AE. There are a few signs to it and it’s within easy reach, between Liverpool and Manchester.

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  1. That is a good idea!!! My Mum does this. She bought a base cream and added frankinscence oils and others for me- it was really nice so I hope she makes me some more soon as I don’t like either of the bought face creams I have since bought!!x

  2. I’m sad this will be the last farm post for a while! Are you going to do something similar next year?

    Corinne x

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