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Highland Titles Nature Reserve

I never mentioned this before, but I have a title and so does my husband. About five years ago we became Lord and Lady of Glencoe, when each of us purchased a bit of land from Highland Titles Nature Reserve. Everybody that owns land in Scotland can style himself as Lord or Laird and Lady, accordingly. It’s a title we can use on official documents (as in bank accounts and similar legal documents), but we’ve decided not to.

Why we bought a small piece of land in Scotland? Because this is a charity I believe in, I love the whole idea behind it. If you decide you want to buy a plot, this means it will be preserved, as there are so many different owners that nobody would be able to buy off land from everybody and destroy the nature reserve by building on it. The plots are small and if you want to buy more, you will not be given plots that are next to each other. It’s an amazing way to raise funds and awareness.

Highland Titles Nature Reserve

Thus, in our holiday this year, I’ve added Glencoe on our trip specifically, so we can go to see the Highland Titles Nature Reserve. After visiting the reserve, I’ve decided to share this on my blog, as others might be inspired to buy a piece of land for conservation or for bragging about their newly acquired title, this is definitely a conversation starter. If you want more details, check their website @

There is a car park and also a visitor centre, but the latter was closed when we arrived. We had Festus with us and had a lovely walk around the nature reserve. The nature reserve is within easy reach from Fort William or Inverness.

Gorgeous tree at Highland Titles Nature Reserve

There are multiple conservation projects on the site and they can boast about some rather great achievements despite the project being only 12 years old.

Highland Titles Nature Reserve. Conservation project

This is another one of their conservation projects, a special place for Scottish wild cats. There are less than 100 left in the wild, making them one of the rarest animals in the world. This location is in partnership with Wildcat Haven. Here orphan or injured wild cats are brought to be cared for, before being released into the wild.

Highland Titles Nature Reserve. Dark forest

I just love the look of this part of the forest. It was so dark, much darker than in the picture.

Highland Titles Nature Reserve. Forest

Highland Titles Nature Reserve. Lake

Walking around is just lovely. One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that we can buy the special Glencoe Tartan. I wanted to get something from them, but the shop was closed, so I’m going to place an order online. I bought a couple of Tartan scarfs while in Scotland, so why not get one with my own Tartan as well?

Lake at Highland Titles Nature Reserve

Trees at Highland Titles Nature Reserve

If this is not something you’d enjoy, maybe you can think of someone from your family or friends that might like this. So, keep this charity in mind for future birthdays or Christmas and treat someone to something really different.

There are no additional taxes for the land and it can be left in the will. Plots prices start as low as £30.

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  1. Well, Lady Anca, you may not use the title often (or ever) but isn’t it fun to know you can? And what a worthy cause — to help preserve such beautiful land. The photos are lovely. I can see why you’d want to be part of it.

  2. I love Glencoe and this idea is lovely! I knew of the being lord or lady if you bought a little bit of land, but the idea of it being for conservation is great 🙂

  3. What a wonderful purchase! I love this concept too and would love to see areas here do something similar. The photos are beautiful.

  4. What a clever and interesting way to raise funds and awareness! I’m glad you shared this. It looks like a beautiful area.

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