Flywheel Festival at Bicester Heritage

Flywheel Festival at Bicester Heritage

Another fab thing I did last week was to go to Flywheel Festival at Bicester Heritage*. Bicester Heritage is the UK’s only centre for historic motoring excellence. It was founded in 2013 on the site of a derelict RAF base, that was marked at risk in 2008. It has 19 listed buildings and 11 areas […]

Bridgestone Event

Last week I’ve been to a blogging event organized by Bridgestone at Chateau Impney, a stunning hotel, as you can see in the picture below. The gardens are so beautiful, I had to take a couple of pictures there. Bridgestone is a brand I know from F1 when they were supplying Ferrari. I was a […]

Nature in Art Museum

Nature in Art Museum

According to their website, Nature in Art Museum is the world’s first museum and art gallery dedicated to fine, decorative and applied art inspired by nature. I had to visit this museum as I love nature in art. The museum is small, but filled with wonderful paintings, ceramics and sculptures. We weren’t allowed to take […]

What I’ve been reading

This post comes a little sooner as I have lots of things to talk about at the end of the month, with us being away at some amazing events and on a short holiday. It’s unlikely I will finish another book by the end of the month anyway. As I finished 4 books this month, […]

Transformation - One Man’s Cross-Dressing Wardrobe


At Sudley House in Liverpool it’s a special exhibition called Transformation – One Man’s Cross-Dressing Wardrobe. Both the museum and the exhibition are free. Peter Farrer was born in Surrey in 1926 and lived in Liverpool for many years. His father was a schoolmaster and a clergyman. He started cross-dressing from the age of 14. […]

How I prepare for 5k

For the last two years I went each year on a 5k race, both very enjoyable: Run or Dye and Color Run. This year I’m going on a serious 5k race: Women’s Running Race Series, sponsored by Roots Collective. I want to get a good time, so I have to prepare. I made a schedule […]

Festus and the pigeon

On Father’s Day we spent some time in the garden with Festus. He had a couple of toys to play with. One of the pigeons who has his nest on our neighbour’s tree arrived for his breakfast. Of course, he wasn’t bothered by Festus. He is used to Festus and that makes me think he […]

Why I love caravanning?

Last year we bought our first caravan without going on a caravanning holiday before. I wasn’t sure I would love it, but it was perfect for us and I do love it. So, considering most of us are thinking of holidays, I’ve decided to talk about my caravan and Why I love caravanning? Caravanning has […]

Ancient Egypt at Liverpool World Museum

Ancient Egypt at Liverpool World Museum

I’ve been to see the newly opened gallery on the Ancient Egypt at Liverpool World Museum. The museum is free and so is the new gallery, so don’t miss it, it’s really interesting. The restoration finished earlier this year and now it’s UK’s second largest Ancient Egypt gallery after the British Museum. The Liverpool in […]

Let’s talk about money

I went through the remaining questions from the 365 Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself This Year and picked the ones related to money. Last month I did a 100 Questions in 10 words or less and I enjoyed the twist of answering like that. So now I will talk about money. It’s a subject […]