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Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum is a must for everyone travelling to London. This was my first visit when I was able to see everything and read details. I’ve been there before, but in a hurry as I didn’t have a lot of time.

01 Natural History Museum London

We got in the side entrance and we’ve started with the section on Earth.

02 Natural History Museum London
I can only imagine how the stairs look like for a small kid, it’s surely something to remember.

03 Natural History Museum London
In the Earth section I could touch a piece of real lava. It was the first time and all the displays about earthquakes are interesting.

04 Natural History Museum London
This is a replica of a shop in Japan and it moves as it did during an earthquake. It brought back some unpleasant memories from my childhood during an earthquake. It is realistic.

05 Natural History Museum London
This is a very soft mineral that can be melted at candle light and it was used as eye makeup in ancient Egypt and Greece. In case you are wondering, this metal is poisonous.

06 Natural History Museum London
These crystals are naturally formed like this, even though it looks like they are man made with the straight edges.

07 Natural History Museum London
Gemstones, lots of them, all beautiful. That is an exhibit I would love to see again.

08 Natural History Museum London
On our way to the dinosaurs.

09 Natural History Museum London
The dinosaurs section is amazing, there are lots of dinosaurs. They look so impressive with their shadow projected on the back wall.

10 Natural History Museum London

11 Natural History Museum London
This is a part of chest and arm of a dinosaur and his skin fossilized too, with folds and wrinkles. It’s amazing.

On our way to the exit we’ve passed by the iconic dinosaur in the lobby.

12 Natural History Museum London

13 Natural History Museum London

Have you been to the Natural History Museum?

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  1. I’ve been in the Natural History Museum but I’ve not properly looked around. I’m always in a rush when I’m in London.

    The earthquake section would interest me so much. I’ve never experienced an earthquake (I’ve always slept through the small ones in the UK) so I would love to visit the shop replica.

    I have some pyroclastic rocks from volcanic islands. Lava is more common than people think. Essentially, every beach is made up of lava that has been eroded into small particles.

    1. If you never experienced an earthquake the one at the NHM is a must. I didn’t know the beaches are made of lava, that is so interesting.

  2. I love this museum! We went last February for my brother in law’s birthday and it was fabulous though we didn’t get into the dinosaurs! Your whitish ate beautiful!

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